Do You Know What It Takes To Keep Bees?

Posted by Certified Master Beekeeper David Burns on 10th Mar 2019

Do you know what it takes to keep bees? Taking a class will help you enter into beekeeping with greater confidence.


Q - Will I receive a certificate once I complete one of your online classes?

A - Once you complete the worksheets and send them to us you will receive a certificate of achievement.

Q - How long do I have to take an online course once I purchase one?

A - There is no time limit. Take as long as you wish. It does not go away.

Q - Do I have to sit down and take the course with other students online?

A - No, we provide you with video course links that you can watch alone at your convenience.

Q - Am I required to watch all the videos in one sitting?

A - No, you can watch the videos at your own convenience and even start over if you wish. You can go back and review the videos as many times as you'd like.

Q - What devices can I use to watch the class videos.

A - All modern devices that can play online videos should work fine, such as smartphones, computers, tablets etc.

Q - I've kept bees for a few years. Which class would be best for me?

A - Always start with the basic beginners course because there are aspects you may not know.

Q - What are your credentials to teach about bees?

A - I started beekeeping in the early 90s. I was certified as a Master Beekeeper in 2010 after being tested by the Eastern Apicultural Society of North America. I've written articles for the American Bee Journal, Mother Earth News and several books. I regularly speak at conferences, and have over 3 Million views on my beekeeping YouTube channel. I've raise queens, and have sold packages and nucs and beekeeping supplies for over a decade.

Q - How many online courses do you offer?

A - 6 and the 7th one is in the works. The six classes are:

1. Basic Beekeeping 2. Spring Management 3. Getting Your Bees Through The Winter 4. A Day In The Apiary 5. Queen Rearing and 6. Advance Beekeeping.

Q - Can I receive a discount if I purchase all 6 classes?

A - Yes, You can purchase all six courses and save $85

Q - I'm ready to take some classes. What do I do next?

A - Choose a class below and click on the link:

ALL SIX- The Ultimate Package -- Best Value

Basic Beekeeping

Spring Management

Getting Your Bees Through The Winter

A Day In The Apiary

Queen Rearing

Advance Beekeeping

Long Lane Honey Bee Farms

David & Sheri Burns, Fairmount, Illinois