Feeding Additives

One of the most critical things in beekeeping is proper nutrition.  These additives can be used in all seasons with 1:1 sugar water in spring, summer and fall or used in candy boards in winter.  Further instructions and details come with our products. 

  • Honey B Healthy 8oz

    Honey B Healthy 8oz

    Honey B Healthy is a feeding stimulant to use during the spring with 1:1 sugar water. Can also be added to your own pollen patties or winter candy boards. We also suggest 1 tsp of pollen powder to add to the water for optimal feeding. 
  • Amino -B Booster  8 oz

    Amino -B Booster 8 oz

    Amino-B Booster with 20 amino acids from the makers of Honey B Healthy. Use during late winter/early spring build up.  Use 1 - 2 tsp in one quart of 1:1 sugar water along with Honey B Healthy. Can be used in candy boards for winter. 
  • 1 lb pollen substitute powder  (enough for 100 quarts)

    1 lb pollen substitute powder (enough for 100 quarts)

    We encourage the use of pollen powder to feed honeybees instead of traditional patties, which have been shown to attract small hive beetle. Our substitute pollen is 60% crude protein.  No animal by-products.  No contaminants.  Keep frozen...