Mentoring Services by David Burns


Do you have questions but there's no one to ask? Maybe you live in a remote area where there are no other beekeepers and no bee clubs? Are you looking for someone that can help you decide the best course of action? Have questions but no time to go to clubs and conferences? Or maybe you are wanting to level up to become more than just a hobbyist?
Now you can join David Burns' mentoring team - BeeTeamSix. Ten years strong now, with hundreds of beekeepers who have gone through the program.  Members have included those who have excelled in their hobby and now educate others about beekeeping, hobbyists who have become sideliners, members who have gone on to become queen rearers and nuc providers or own their own beekeeping businesses.  We've even spawned a commercial beekeeper or two!
Your choice - monthly recurring subscription or one time charge for a 3 month plan, 6 month plan, or 12 month plan. See fees below. 
Tier 1 - Monthly Recurring Subscription For a Limited Time: Includes our Basic Beekeeping Course for free! ($59.00 Value).  (yes, you can substitute another class if you already have our Basic course.)David has been mentoring others for over ten years in this private club where you can ask him, via email, any beekeeping questions you have.  The number of emails to him is unlimited. Further information is both below and in your welcome letter. You will also receive weekly newsletters, and sometimes, some great surprises! David personally answers any beekeeping questions you have. 
Tier 2 - 3 Month Subscription - Includes a free Basic Beekeeping Course
Tier 3 - 6 Month Subscription - Includes a free Basic Beekeeping Course
Tier 4 - 12 Month Subscription - Includes a free Basic Beekeeping Course

Here's what some of our current members are saying: 

  “As a new beekeeper, the amount of information available is overwhelming, and often maddeningly contradictory.  Also, the situation in MY hives never seems to quite match what the books and websites cover.  I longed to be an apprentice to learn from a master, or to have that person come look at my bees and tell me what’s going on.  But that simply wasn’t available to me…until now!  David has been there as my guide.  He’s calm and cheerful and understanding even in the face of a tearful phone call from a distraught new beek.   I also took his online courses—and I can tell you that they are invaluable!    "I  have found Bee Team 6 to be very beneficial, your "coaching" has been a big help to me and my little family. It has really brought the stress level way down for me. I'm a retired ARMY Veteran, and stress has been a big issue.  played a "Huge" role being therapy for me and helping to keep my mind occupied with something positive. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you and your family for helping with that. It makes me feel good that by being one of your first and dedicated members that I have helped you and your wonderful family. I aspire to be like you some day and am driven to use the skills you are helping me develop to build a small homesteading business for my family."    William, Maine

  "As a first year beekeeper the single most important thing I did besides take one of David's beginner beekeeping classes. Having a master beekeeper available was extremely helpful when experiencing things for the first time as a new beekeeper.  David has been so helpful, patient and still pushes me to keep learning for myself as I continue to grow as a beekeeper with the support of David."       Todd H., Danville Illinois
Note: AE or Paypal can not be used for the Tier 1 monthly recurring subscription but PayPal can be used for Tiers 2, 3, 4