Coaching by Email by David Burns


 Beekeeping Mentorship

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You are NOT alone in this!! Coaching by Email by a Certified Master Beekeeper.  Send me all your questions, your pictures, or videos to evaluate! Live Stream weekly with others in the community. 


-  Personal Email Mentorship With Me. Once you sign up you are given my personal email.  Please allow 24 - 48 hours Monday - Friday for your registration to be completed.
   You'll be just an email away from a certified master beekeeper to help you when you need it most. Note: I'm not around on holidays, during my vacations or major conferences. American foulbrood

- Picture/Video Evaluation Of Your Hive When Needed. Send me a video and/or pictures of what concerns you and I'll advise you on the next step to take. 

A few days ago a member sent me this photo fearing she had American foulbrood.
-  I will occasionally send you newsletters with tips on what you should be doing and looking for from an interesting beekeeping science and practical approach (but won't clog up your inbox too much). 
-Watch your email for freebies, give-aways, contests, videos, and much more! You can't take advantage of all the cool stuff unless you keep your eye on your email!
-Live stream with me every Thursday night via YouTube where you chat and get to know others in the community

Here's how it works: Within 24 - 48 hours (Monday - Friday) after signing up, you will receive a personal email from David with all his personal information.   There are no apps, no bots, just a direct connection to David. Watch for this email (and check your spam/trash). Now you have the information to connect with David anytime (excluding holidays, vacations and those times when I have my OWN head stuck in a hive!!)

 Great opportunity to get personal, quality, scientific beekeeping advice from a Certified Master Beekeeper.

Here's what some of our current members are saying: 

  “As a new beekeeper, the amount of information available is overwhelming, and often maddeningly contradictory.  Also, the situation in MY hives never seems to quite match what the books and websites cover.  I longed to be an apprentice to learn from a master, or to have that person come look at my bees and tell me what’s going on.  But that simply wasn’t available to me…until I became a member of David’s Bee Team 6!  Now I have a certified master beekeeper a phone call, text, or email away.  I can send photos so that it’s like he’s looking over my shoulder into my hive with me.  From persistent chalkbrood, to supersedure cells, to marking the queen…David has been there as my guide.  He’s calm and cheerful and understanding even in the face of a tearful phone call from a distraught new beek.  Also as a Bee Team 6 member, I get newsletters and videos with timely info—all of it goes into my three-ring binder, and I refer back to it all the time.  I also took his online courses—and I can tell you that they are invaluable!  In a world where normal apprenticing isn’t practical, David’s Bee Team 6 is the answer!”             Rhonda, New York

  "I  have found Bee Team 6 to be very beneficial, your "coaching" has been a big help to me and my little family. It has really brought the stress level way down for me. I'm a retired ARMY Veteran, and stress has been a big issue. You, Bee Team 6 and Beekeeping has played a "Huge" role being therapy for me and helping to keep my mind occupied with something positive. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you and your family for helping with that. It makes me feel good that by being one of your first and dedicated members that I have helped you and your wonderful family. I aspire to be like you some day and am driven to use the skills you are helping me develop to build a small homesteading business for my family."    William, Maine

  "As a first year beekeeper the single most important thing I did besides take one of David's beginner beekeeping classes and read as many books as i could was to Join beeteam6.  Having a master beekeeper available was extremely helpful when experiencing things for the first time as a new beekeeper.  David has been so helpful, patient and still pushes me to keep learning for myself as I continue to grow as a beekeeper with the support of beeteam6!!!Thanks beeteam6!!!"        Todd H., Danville Illinois


  • Monthly Mentoring Club Subscription RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION

    Monthly Mentoring Club Subscription RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION

      PAY PAL WITHDRAWALS CAN NOT BE USED FOR THIS PROGRAM.  THANK YOU.    This is a monthly subscription that renews automatically each month until you cancel. Cancel anytime by emailing: Once you sign up,...