Packages Of Bees & Nucs


Please read the following first before scrolling down to order bees.

David now offers ONLINE BEEKEEPING COURSES: Basic Beekeeping, Spring Management, Queen Rearing, Advanced Beekeeping and Getting Your Bees Through 

Individual Package Bees go on sale on January 1 each year online only at until sold out. 

3 lb Packages with Italian Queens (no marking available)

The date for 2023 Pick up for Bee Packages is APRIL 22ND!!. NOTE: DATES CAN CHANGE

The date for pick up of Nucs is between Mid May - June,  we will call you to set up pick up time.

Pick up location: 14556N 1020 East Rd., Fairmount IL 61841

Pick up time for packages: 9 am - 2 pm CT

Pick up time for nucs: we will arrange a time with you via phone

Leave yourself time around the end of the month of April if picking up packates,  because of possible date changes, we unfortunately won't be able to work around travel, vacations or other issues you may have.  While we do everything we can to alert you to any date changes, it is ultimately your responsibility to know when the pick up date is. We keep you informed on the date via the front page of our website beginning 4/1/23.  Check it one last time before coming over. Because of possible date changes,  we recommend only customers within a few hours drive to pick up from our location.

Meanwhile, check out our beginning beekeeping workshops - online now!  




    Available In late May - June FOR PICK UP ONLY Near FAIRMOUNT IL. WE WILL CALL OR EMAIL YOU TO RESERVE A TIME FOR PICK UP WITH YOU.   There is an amount of uncertainty when waiting to pick up packages or nucs.  Sometimes you get a call at what...
  •  3# Italian bees w/queen. Pick up date 4/22/23.

    3# Italian bees w/queen. Pick up date 4/22/23.

      What's the pick up date? Read below to find out:   *Picking up from us works best if you live within a 2.5 hour radius of us.  *If you are not able to be flexible with pick up dates and times, due to work or other activities,...