Specialty Products

  • queen push in cage for mite control

    Queen push in Cage

    David promotes this on his You Tube channel as a way to "break the queen's brood cycle" which is a proven way to reduce mites in a hive (if she's not laying, no mites can reproduce in the cells.) It can also be used anytime you need to keep the queen in...
  • Bottom board cleaner

    Bottom Board Cleaner

    By Beesmart. EZ-Grip Handle complements a 2.5" scraper which can be used to clean varroa screen tray. Simple to use! Just insert into the entrance and sweep across the bottom board and then remove. Features: 20" long by 1/4" thick fits all...
  • 8 frame hive stand

    8 Frame Hive Stand

    Bee Smart. For 8 Frame hives. This is the one David uses in his YouTube bee yard.  Clip-on Frame Holders make working hives easier. Raises hive 12” off ground for easier access and better ventilation. Works with any standard 10 frame bottom...
  • robbing screen

    Robbing Screen-Bee Smart for both 8 or 10 Frame Lang hives

    Molded technopolymer in soft white will not rot, never needs painted! Built-in drip edges on top and self-drainage on bottom keeps hive dry. Bottom comes with embedded stainless steel mesh, slide-out inspection board and removable/reversible pieces...
  • 3 Frame Extractor with Legs

    3 Frame Extractor with Legs

    SHIPS DIRECTLY FROM THE FACTORY.  This extractor will take care of your extracting needs for the hobbyist .  Get your neighbors together, or the grandchildren and have fun extracting honey.  We suggest a filter and bucket to go with this...

    Stainless Steel Double Sieve Honey Filter

    Made of Stainless Steel Measures 10" in Diameter by 4" in Depth The Double Sieve has double screens to effectively filter the honey Designed for other kitchen uses Ships from factory