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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Do you have a storefront or farm I can visit?

A: Honeybeesonline.com is a 24/7 website. 

2.  I have a question for David Burns, how do I reach him?

A: Our customer service team here can answer any of your questions concerning our products, shipping costs, and instructions. You can watch dozens of videos of David Burns on YouTube, or visit with us nearly every Thursday night on YouTube at 7 pm CT while he streams and answers YOUR questions...live!  You can also leave a comment on any of his videos, and he does his absolute best to answer several every day as he finds time. Unfortunately, he does receive hundreds of emails per week, and while he does read as many as possible, you can imagine how hard it is to respond in a timely manner. That's why he makes videos, online courses, has consultation services, livestreams and says "yes" as often as he can to speak at bee clubs, state conferences and society events so he can help as many people as possible. 

David also has a mentoring program called BeeTeamSix.  In the program, he answers your questions through an unlimited email program.  You can sign up here: https://www.honeybeesonline.com/mentoring-club/

3.  I have questions on treatments and medications for honeybees?

A:  We are sorry, but we do not sell medications and treatments.  But we know that the company you purchased it from will be more than glad to help you with that, or you can call your veterinarian or state bee inspector. The label is the law. 

4.  I need Winter Bee Kinds!

A: Thank you for purchasing from us.  David Burns is the original creator of the Winter Bee Kind system and your purchase from us helps us to maintain our intellectual property rights.  Others may try to replicate our system, but only we know the original recipe!  These go on sale Aug. 1 of every year, so set your calendars!


5.  Can you please send me the dimensions and recipe for the Winter Bee Kinds so I can make my own?

A: We're very flattered you like it. We're sure, however, that you can understand that as our intellectual property, we can not divulge our family secret. However, it's certainly no secret that the internet abounds with many system designs that are quite similar. Our basic, one-use recipe can be found online under the product description of the feeders. https://www.honeybeesonline.com/10f-winter-bee-kind-currently-sold-out/

6.  I need a Burns Bees Feeder System!

A: Great! People (and bees) love 'em! We make those as fast as we possibly can so those are restocked every week.  Just keep your eye on the website, and again, thank you for purchasing those from us! CLICK HERE FOR OUR FEEDERS

7.  I need feeding additives!

A: These go quickly! But are restocked as often as the products arrive, so keep your eye on the website. CLICK HERE FOR OUR ADDITIVES

8.  I'm having problems with my bees, how do I get help?

A: Oh no! We understand your concern.  That's why David has spent years becoming an EAS  Certified Master Beekeeper, and then more years developing and creating online courses that cover everything from beginner basics, to advanced beekeeping, queen rearing, spring management, overwintering your bees and more! You can find those here at our online beekeeping university. CLICK HERE FOR OUR ONLINE COURSES

David provides mentoring services in a group called BeeTeamSix that has hundreds of students, many who have gone on to become teachers, queen rearers, nuc providers and even a commercial beekeeper or two: https://www.honeybeesonline.com/mentoring-club/

David also have dozens upon dozens of youtube videos full of free content, and for those of you who have taken courses but still want to go more in depth with special circumstances, we have our consultation services.  And of course, we Livestream every Thursday night at 7 pm CT on YouTube, just to help YOU! which means you can join us, and ask a question! The customer service department from the company you purchased your equipment and bees are also waiting to help you with dedicated staff (which is why we encourage you to only buy from actual beekeeping companies so you can get the service you need.) Did you also know that most counties have bee clubs, and most states have university extension offices that have dedicated staff that answer questions about honeybees?

9.  How do I find a specific YouTube video from David Burns?

A: Go to his YouTube channel page by CLICKING HERE.  On the far right (you may need to 'tab' over) you will find a search bar.  Enter any keyword you want and up will pop the videos you need! All of this is free of charge for you.  

10. What is your address?

A: Our mailing address is:


PO Box 254

Catlin IL 61817

11. How do I reach customer service?

A: All orders will come with an email invoice that tells you how to get in touch with us (look through your spam/trash folder if you don't see it).  In addition, all packaging will include our customer service email. Here the staff will answer your questions about our products, shipping, technical issues with accounts, and instructions for any of our products at honeybeesonline.com@gmail.com. Please allow us 24 hours Mon - Fri to return your email. We are closed all US holidays. 

 12.  Do you sell bees?

A: We do! Starting Jan. 1 of every year, we sell 3 # packages of bees with mated queen or 5 Frame (deep) of bees with mated queen. Pick up only, at a location in Central Illinois -  we send the address in your confirmation email, usually on the last Saturday in April. Note: Dates can and do change, so flexibility and patience is necessary when ordering.  We are sorry, the bees tell us when they are ready, we don't tell them, so there's only one date to pick up. Since dates can change, we also ask that only those within 2 to 2 1/2 hour radius order from us. 

13.  How do I become a member of the BeekSquad?

A: All you have to do is join us Thursday night at 7 pm CT on YouTube for our livestream! Any and all beekeepers are considered part of the BeekSquad - no cost involved!

14.  How do I get BeekSquad merch?

A: BeekSquad merch is handled by Canndi's Creations. Click here to visit our Beeksquad merch. We are completely hands off because this is Canndi's baby! Wear your merch to your next bee club or bee conference and find other BeekSquad members-- you'll have instant friends!

15: How do I find your Thursday night Livestreams?

A: You can search for David Burns Beekeeping on YouTube, look for the link on our facebook page or CLICK HERE every week for the new link each Thursday.

16.  I can't find the links for my online classes?

A: If you created an account, those links are always there.  And updates are also automatically made for you there as well.  We also send you the invoice with the links to your email (check your spam folder if you don't see it).  You can find invoices by putting a keyword into the search bar at the top of your email program. When all else fails, send an email to us at honeybeesonline.com@gmail.com. 

17.  What's the difference between BeeTeamSix and BeekSquad?

A: BeeTeamSix is David's mentoring program, found here: https://www.honeybeesonline.com/mentoring-club/ but BeekSquad is what we call all the folks who join us on our Thursday night Livestream. It's a group of fun beekeepers who have become like family.  We wear our BeekSquad merch when we go out so we can find each other!

18: How did the Burns Family get started in beekeeping?

A: David began beekeeping in 1995 with a swarm out of a tree in his yard and over the next 10 years, grew with that small beginning into a honey business, selling honey, candles and soap products at fairs and vending at markets.

In 2006, along with oldest son David Terrell, and wife Sheri, the family began to sell beekeeping equipment and build hives. Most of the Burns children have worked for us at one time or another and now youngest son Christian works as facility manager. From that humble beginning, this hobby grew into a business that is now dedicated primarily to educating beekeepers through books, materials, blogs, classes, speaking engagements and content creation for You Tube.

David is a 2010 Certified Master Beekeeper through the Eastern Apicultural Society and is a frequent contributor at major beekeeping conferences and conventions, can be heard on blogs, and mentors hundreds of beekeepers through his mentoring club. His digital online classes have been viewed by thousands across the US and other countries. David is also the original creator of Honeybeesonline's two most popular products: the Winter Bee Kind winter feeding system and the Burns Bees 3 Season Feeding System.

Sheri has a BA degree in leadership and management and operates the website. She also appears with David on his youtube channel and co-authored their book, "Backyard Beekeeping".

David and Sheri are the parents of 6, grandparents to 13, and are competitive sportsmen. Traveling is in Sheri's blood, and David's runs thick with coffee.



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