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May 23, 2024  7PM CENTRAL TIME


I'll be sharing how to avoid having issues with your queen.


I'll be sharing TOP TIPS to Avoid Queen Problems In Your Hive. It's my opinion that having issues with the queen is the number one reason colonies fail. In this livestream I'll share ways to avoid struggling through queen issues.

I'll also be answering your beekeeping questions. Be prepared to have the most fun you can have in 59 minutes!! It's a great place to hang out and build community.

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Here is the link:

Sheri and I love spending time with our beekeeping friends every week. If you cannot watch it LIVE, you can always watch the replay. It's a big commitment to do these weekly livestreams, but they're so worth it because it feels like we're hanging out with family! Can't wait to catch up with everyone this Thursday.


Running these livestreams does cost a bit, so we're always super thankful for any super chats and donations we get during the stream.


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Every bit of support, big or small, is really appreciated! Thanks for being part of our beekeeping community.

Sheri and I can't wait to see you then!