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Now, one of David's most sought out courses. This is A Day In The Apiary With David. Videos from the bee yard, going through hives with David.

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This is RAW footage of hanging out with a class in the bee yard. This is not a polished video course, rather, a video following David as he teaches from out in the bee hives. There is wind noise and sometimes rough footage. Everything is unedited, just like you are standing there so sometimes it is difficult to hear everything being said.  There are some very awesome scenes. You'll see David shake a swarm from a tree and these other events:

Here's what David will demonstrate from the hive:

-Finding and marking queens

-How to properly inspect a hive

-Moving a hive

-How to do a mite test

-How to use a green drone comb for mite control

-How to sugar dust for mite control

-How to catch shake a swarm from a tree and hive it

-How to combine a weak hive with a strong hive

-How to remove a honey super

and more...

Thank you for your interest in ordering and signing up for "A Day In The Apiary With David" Course.  There is no deadline to start or finish, just enjoy from the comfort of your home. You can study the videos anytime once you sign up. Please Read These Details Carefully. This is for an online "A Day In The Apiary" Course, NOT AN ONSITE CLASS.

Unedited, raw video from the field. 

-No traveling. Enjoy the course in the comfort of your own home.

-No juggling of schedules. Study the lessons/videos at your own pace when you want.

How It Works

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Hi, I’m David Burns and for over a decade I’ve taught beekeeping classes here at my training center in central Illinois. So many beekeepers from around the country have expressed their disappointment that they live too far away to take one of my classes. So I rolled up my sleeves to now make my classes available as online courses.

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