Online Basic Beekeeping Course- ONLINE

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Online Basic Beekeeping Course

Please Read These Details Carefully. You can purchase this at anytime during the year, watch and complete it at your leisure, and have unlimited access to the videos at anytime. 

After your purchase, you’ll receive an immediate invoice/email which will contain the links(look for them in blue) to our video lessons along with links to our worksheets. If you don't receive this, look in your spam box and/or check to make sure your email was correct. You can always access your file links through your account. 

-No traveling. Enjoy the course in the comfort of your own home.

-No juggling of schedules. Study the lessons/videos at your own pace when you want.

How It Works

You will receive an email which will contain a link to the file with the video links and and the worksheets to use as you study each lesson. The topics covered in this basic beginners course are shown below. 

Value of An Online Course - Save money, time, and the inconvenience of traveling in bad weather, getting babysitters, or those other problems that always seem to pop up. 

Save $$$$  - Online courses are only $59. On site classes are $69.

This is an $89 value for $59. You’ll save $30 by taking our online course, not to mention the money you’ll save not having to travel, stay in a hotel, food or taking a day off work.

Hi, I’m David Burns and for over a decade I’ve taught beekeeping classes here at my training center in central Illinois. So many beekeepers from around the country have expressed their disappointment that they live too far away to take one of my classes. So I rolled up my sleeves to now make my classes available as online courses.


What Other Classes Are Available?

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How To Raise Queens

Getting Your Bees Through The Winter

Advance Beekeeping

What’s Covered In This Basic Beginners Class

-Basic Vocabulary in Beekeeping

-Explanation of Hive Equipment and Its Usages.

-Protective gear

-Caste of Honey Bees

-Anatomy of Honey Bees

-Bee Stings and how to reduce your chances of being stung.

-How bees gather and make honey.

-Health benefits of honey.

-How bees make wax.

-What is propolis. Where does it come from and what do bees do with it.

-Pollen and pollination. How bees gather pollen and its uses in the hive.

-Honey. When and how to harvest honey from the hive.

-Tips on Finding Your Queen

-Age progression of worker bees

-Common Pest and Diseases

-#1 Enemy of the hive, the varroa mite and how to control mites.

-How to Install a new package of bees

-How to inspect your hive. Hive inspection 101

-Seasonal management calendar

-Feeding Solutions for each season