All Your Beekeeping Hard Work And Money Can Go Down The Drain Due To This

Posted by Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns on 16th Jul 2019


We are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms and 50 years ago today Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin climbed aboard Saturn V for their journey to the moon. A man on the moon use to be only a dream. We can accomplish so much when we put our mind to it. Beekeeping has come a long way in the last 50 years as well. 50 years ago we did not have mites in the US. Now we do. Mites are the number one reason colonies fail in the winter. Beekeepers often convince themselves that they do not have mites then wonder why their hives died in the winter.

Even though we may have our minds on honey production and harvest, the next 4 months are the most crucial to keep our colonies from becoming infected with viruses spread by mites only to perish in the winter.

Over the last few months I've been working hard to produce a new resource for beekeepers explaining in detail how to combat mights. It is a new ONLINE COURSE ON MITE CONTROL. Many people pre-ordered the course several weeks ago, and it will go live later today. The price is $39 for the remainder of today but will be $59 after today. Save $20 and learn to control mites.

This course will show you how to effectively use Green Drone Comb, Oxalic Acid Vapor Treatment, Formic Acid Treatment, Powdered Sugar Dusting, Screen Bottom Boards, Breaking The Queens Brood Cycle, How To Test For Mites, How To Make Your Own Testing Jar, How To Calculate Your Findings To Determine If You Should Treat. Selecting The Appropriate Treatment Approach Based On Your Test Results.This course was videotaped in hives to help you see how you perform mite test and appropriate approaches to control mites. This course is an ONLINE COURSE to be enjoyed on your own schedule, in the convenience of your home. You will NOT be with other online students. These are videos for you to enjoy privately, and they last forever so you can watch them when you are ready. You can pause and replay over and over. Upon completion of the included worksheet you also receive a certificate of completion. Click here to order now and began keeping healthy bees.

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Basic Beekeeping Fundamentals

Spring Management-Splits, Swarms and more

A Day In The Apiary With David- Join David in the bee yard.

Raise Your Own Queens-Learn the art of queen rearing.

Getting Your Bees Through The Winter

Advance Beekeeping

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The new bee season has made beekeepers so happy that they signed up for our Beekeeping Mentorship Program. They are able to call, email or text Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns any questions or concerns they have about their bees. Members are calling and asking for guidance about catching swarms, making splits, controlling mites and more. Some are seeking help in evaluating if they have a queen in their hive. Join our mentorship program today. You can join for 6 months, or join on a month to month basis.

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You've invested so much time and money into your hives, make sure you know how to prepare your hives for winter.

Our Overwintering Workshop is a 1 day class from 1pm-6pm Central Time, Saturday September 7th at our training center. Topics discussed will be pest and disease control for fall and how that can adversely affect a hive in the winter, proper feeding of a hive to get through the winter, winter wraps, feeding systems, etc. Those attending this onsite course can also purchase our famous Winter Bee Kinds on that day, which means you can get them early!


Our family beekeeping business has been around before beekeeping was trendy. We know you have so many options. Many people prefer to support a small, family business and we appreciate the support. This is all we do to make a living, so thank you so much for your support.

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Years ago certified master beekeeper, David Burns invented the Winter-Bee-Kind, a way to feed, insulate and ventilate a winter colony for maximum survival in the harshest winter environment. It's David's formula that is so unique that allows the bees to consume the nutrients they need to survive winter.

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Our customers are so pleased and can't believe they come out of winter with huge, healthy colonies. We make these for 10 frame hives, 8 frame hives and 5 frame nuc hives. They come with a refill recipe.

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The Dearth Has Hit Many Places

A dearth means the major source of nectar and pollen has dramatically decreased for bees and they are starting to rely on stored pollen and honey in the hive. Sadly, some colonies can consume all of their winter stores even before winter begins.Do not let this happen.As soon as you see signs of a dearth, begin feeding your bees with our Burns Bees Feeding System. We recommend 1:1 sugar in late summer and fall to stimulate laying of bees of winter physiology. Also, add 1 teaspoon of our protein powder to 1 quart of 1:1 sugar water to give the bees the protein they need to produce royal jelly to feed your developing larvae.


We are glad you are keeping bees. Thank you for supporting our family business for all your beekeeping needs.


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