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How To Start Beekeeping

How to start beekeeping.

Thanks for your interest in beekeeping. We are David and Sheri Burns and we are here to help you become a successful beekeeper. I am a certified master beekeeper which means it is important to me that you get the right information about beekeeping. You've heard the old saying that if you ask 10 beekeepers a question you'll get 11 different answers. You're in good hands with us.

Our "How To Start Beekeeping" video has topped over 70,000 views. We provide it below for your quick access so you can learn quickly how to start keeping bees. Enjoy.

To us, raising bees is one of the most enjoyable hobby/businesses ever. We believe you will enjoy it as well. Some people keep honey bees simply because they are an amazing creature. Did you know that a honey bee flies around 15 mph? A hive of bees flies 55,000 miles to bring us 1 pound of honey. During her life (approximately 40 days) a honey bee will gather about 1/12 teaspoon of honey. Bees must go to two million flowers to gather l pound of honey. Bees can see the same colors we see except red. They can also see ultraviolet. See what awaits you as you become a beekeeper. We offer free online beekeeping lessons, videos and podcasts, as well as sell beekeeping supplies, bees and queens.

Beekeeping is really simple. Let me give you a brief flow chart:
1. Purchase your hives and equipment from us now for the 2015 beekeeping season.
2. Purchase our kits with bees for pickup now to ensure you get bees in 2015. Honey bees are in high demand and resources are very limited across the country as we saw in 2014.
3. Take one of our beekeeping classes. We offer beginning, practical, advance and queen rearing classes year round. We also offer a three day beekeeping institute.

It's that simple! Well, we know that you will need to know much more, and that is why we have everything you'll need to know in our Free Online Beekeeping Lessons. You'll see that link either from this page or our main home page too.

You can start with as few as one hive, but we recommend beginners start with two hives. Then each hive will need a 3lb package of bees (about 10,000 bees) with a marked queen.

Join us for our next basic beekeeping course. We offer beginner, advance and queen rearing classes.
Click here for more information. During our classes you can purchase your hives and take them home that day! I am confident, that if you will read our online lessons, you will understand how to become a beekeeper. We even have full lessons on installing your bees (video) as well as how to inspect your hive and make sure all is well.

We have lessons on how to reduce your chances of being stung as you work your hives.

And we view all of our customers as students as we provide free mentoring. Just call us up to ask your questions and we'll help you enjoy your new hives. 217-427-2678.

We pour so much of our time and energy into helping honey bees survive. Several years ago I invented the Winter-Bee-Kind winter feeding system, for example. Watch the video about this below:

It's best to start with two hives or why to start with two hives rather than one.

Learn How To Install A Package Of Bees...Read More or Watch My Video On Installing A Package

We also produce beekeeping podcasts, remove bees from homes, sell honey and speak regularly on beekeeping. We also produce regular beekeeping lessons and articles through our beekeeping blog. Our blog is found at:

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