Bee Classes

Beekeeping Classes


Buy all 6 of our online courses for only $289.


Online Beekeeping Classes

- Beginner's Courses. Learn how to start keeping bees.

- A Day In The Apiary. Spend a few hours with a certified master beekeeper in the hive.

- Queen Rearing Class. Learn how to raise your own queens.

- Advance Beekeeping

- Spring Management Class. Learn how to prevent swarms and make splits.

- Overwintering Class. Get your bees through the winter.


Many other organizations and club classes are closed. However, we continue to add more classes to our schedule to accommodate the growing interest in beekeeping.  Come by and take a class and while you are here you can purchase your hives and equipment and save shipping if you call ahead.

 If you did not make it to our classes on how to get your bees through the winter, we have placed most of the content of this class in a small ebook available on Amazon or here on our website. 

David has spent years keeping bees, producing queens, making up packages of bees, crop pollination, removing bees from homes, speaking and writing about bees. 

With such a strong interest in beekeeping, you'll want to be sure and sign up early for our beekeeping classes. You'll learn about basic hive equipment, how to inspect a bee hive, how to avoid most stings, how to extract honey, how to find the queen, how to identify honey bee diseases and pests, seasonal management techniques, the 4 non-chemical ways to reduce varroa mites and much more.