SIGNED BY THE AUTHORS! Backyard Beekeeping by David and Sheri Burns


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IT'S FINALLY HERE! David and Sheri's new book titled Backyard Beekeeping, Everything You Need to Know to Start Your First Hive. Copyright 2020 by Rockridge Press. 160 pgs. Ships via USPS Media Rate and takes from 7 - 10 business days (although customers report taking up to 3 weeks, so please be patient!)


David and Sheri will sign your book! (After that you'll have to catch them at a class, conference, or beg pretty please for them to sign it!)


David and Sheri spent years accumulating the experience needed to write this book.  Combining David's expert experience of over 30 years in beekeeping, along with Sheri's talents at running a business as well as cooking, baking and crafting, they have co-written a book that's very good for those thinking about beekeeping, just starting out, or those who just wonder more about ecology, pollination, and nutrition. 


Sections include:

Planning Your Colony

Caring for Your Bees

Enjoying the Harvest


Chapters include:

Setting up your First Hive

Inspecting Your Hive

Planning and Equipment

Your Colony by the Season

Keeping Healthy Bees and Happy Neighbors

and More!!