Recurring Monthly Email Mentorship Program


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Please note: We can not take paypal for this mentoring program


This is a recurring monthly subscription - you can cancel at anytime by emailing

Within 24- 48 hours after signing up, you will receive a personal email from our care team on how to contact David. 


This program strives to help you master the craft of beekeeping, to understand bees more deeply and to help those who wish to go into queen rearing or sidelining.  We want you to do your research, read some books, watch some videos, or take a class first and foremost before joining our program so you have the foundation needed to begin a mentorship program. 


This program is meant to deepen your knowledge-- for those little issues that pop up where you can't seem to find an answer --or if you need to dispel some mistruths being circulated.  When you need to make sure you're doing the right thing-- finetune an experiment or you want to become a queen rearer.  

Pre-requisite: Please take an online or in-person basic beekeeping course before joining the program.


With this program you will receive:

- David's personal email for any beekeeping questions you have. Ask as often as you need to.

- weekly newsletters

- Thursday night Livestream with others in the community

- discounts, freebies and more!