Mite Control Course

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We all know that varroa mites are the main reason most colonies fail. Mites transfer deadly viruses throughout the hive by going after the fat bodies and blood of bees. This bite from this parasite in your hive is spreading viruses that will eventually weaken and kill your bees. This is one of the fastest spreading parasites in the world. If you ignore mites, or believe you do not have a mite problem, you are wrong. There is so much chatter and misinformation out there about dealing with mites that I've put together a concise, to the point short course to equip beekeepers with easy to watch and understand videos on how to combat mites.  Time to cut to the chase and learn specifically how to stop losing colonies due to the varroa destructor mite. Upon purchase, you will be sent an e-mail containing the video links to David’s specific videos for this course and a worksheet to help you take notes while watching the video if you choose.

What to expect from this online “Mite Control Course.”

Several “how to” video presentations on various control methods such as:

- Green Drone Comb

- Oxalic Acid Vapor Treatment

- Formic Acid Treatment

- Powdered Sugar Dusting

- Screen Bottom Boards

- Breaking the Queens Brood Cycle

How To Test For Mites

-       Video presentation on how to perform a mite test.

-       How to calculate your findings to determine if you should treat.

-       Selecting the appropriate treatment approach based on your test results.