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For over a decade I've been teaching people all about beekeeping. I was doing it before it was popular and the cool thing to do. I've spent years teaching beekeeping classes and with every class I teach I perfected the delivery of beekeeping training. My online presence and local classes have reached millions of people. That is a humbling and amazing number to me. 

My struggle has been finding an effective way where I can train beekeepers on a more one to one basis. With a full beekeeping schedule I can get pulled in so many directions that I cannot respond to the growing number of beekeepers who seek my advice and mentorship. 

I now offer a premiere beekeeping training opportunity. When you subscribe here's what you will receive as a team member:

For less than $5 a week here's what you will receive from my partnership program:


-  Several New Instructional Videos Each Month.
-  Personal Email & Phone Mentorship With Me. Once you sign up you are given my personal cell phone. You'll be just a phone call, text or email away from a certified master beekeeper to help you when you need it most. Let's face it, spring is when we need help the most.

-  Picture/Video Evaluation Of Your Hive When Needed. Send me a video and/or pictures of what concerns you and I'll advise you on the next step to take. 

A few days ago a member sent me this photo fearing she had American foulbrood.
-  I will also send you several articles a month with tips on what you should be doing and looking for and interesting beekeeping science and practical approaches.

Sign up in the month of May and receive:
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   - 1 Free online class or a free class at our location per year. 
   - 1 Free Winter-Bee-Kind
   - 1 Free Burns Bees Feeding System


Let's face it. You go to a beekeeping club meeting and listen to what everyone is saying and you hear a plethora of various opinions. Usually, the strongest personality wins. Whoever is the loudest, rudest or has the more dominating personality convinces the crowd. Beekeepers are gullible so they buy in to the person who seems to know what they are talking about. Yet, you go home after the meeting and start your own research and you find opposite views. 

As one question to 10 beekeepers and you get 11 answers, right? Not all of those 11 answers are wrong. This phenomenon worsens when newbies begins doing what experienced or commercial beekeepers recommend without the knowledge of how to do it. Let's face it, you are confused. Oxalic or formic? Crystals or dribble? Oxalic and glycerin on shop towels? Langstroth hive? Flow hive? Warre? Top bar? Plastic frames or real beeswax frames? Treat once in the spring and once in the fall?

Many people have joined my BeeTeam6 coaching program because they need ONE VOICE! 

Most colonies are lost from mistakes beekeepers are making follow the old paradigm of beekeeping. Information is being circulated on how to keep bees that's based on beekeeping prior to varroa, viruses and reduced foraging opportunities! It's time to shift this paradigm and stop listen to wrong information. Let me introduce your to the new paradigm of beekeeping based on proven science, not club chatter folklore. 
Here's what others are saying: 


     ".....he's saved me a couple of times! It's worth it to have someone to ask questions when there's conflicting info about how to deal with (bee) problems.  David is knowledgeable and there when I need answers quickly.  Thanks David!"   Kathy, Illinois 

     "I have found Bee Team 6 to be very beneficial, your "coaching" has been a big help to me and my little family. It has really brought the stress level way down for me. I'm a retired ARMY Veteran, and stress has been a big issue. You, Bee Team 6 and Beekeeping has played a "Huge" role, being therapy for me and helping to keep my mind occupied with something positive. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you and your family for helping with that."   William, Maine

     "As a first year beekeeper the single most important thing I did besides take one of David's beginner beekeeping classes and read as many books as i could was to Join beeteam6.  Having a master beekeeper only a phone call away was extremely helpful when experiencing things for the first time as a new beekeeper.  David has been so helpful, patient and still pushes me to keep learning for myself as I continue to grow as a beekeeper with the support of beeteam6!!! Thanks Beeteam6!"    Todd H., Danville, Il


Q&A About This New Service

Isn't 19.97 a month a lot?  You are getting a tremendous amount of personal mentoring from an experienced, certified master beekeeper for less that $5 a week. Your monthly subscription not only affords you a tremendous learning opportunity but the assurance of asking David a question anytime. We are looking for 200 students who understand the value of what we are offering and want to learn from a certified master beekeeper.

If I change my mind, can I cancel at any time? Yes

From the time your membership starts you have 30-days to cancel your membership with a full refund. If you cancel after the first 30-days, your refund will be pro-rated at the monthly membership rate.

How long will the weekly videos be? These instructional beekeeping videos will be between 4 and 15 minutes long. It is not necessarily the quantity that is important but the quality of the content that David is teaching or demonstrating.

What if I try and call David on Friday night for an answer? There are times David is teaching a class or in the bee yard or traveling. David will always answer within a reasonable time.

If I email David, can I expect an immediate response? Sometimes. But when David is teaching or traveling he will answer ASAP.

Can I just watch these premium videos on YouTube without paying? No, these premium videos are available only to premiere team members. David does have beekeeping videos on YouTube but the videos you will have access to are private to members only.

What keeps me from paying for one month only then canceling but sharing all the info with my buddies down at the bee club without them paying? Your honesty and your support for David's hard work. When you unsubscribe you can no longer access the members only area.

How can you make yourself available to us at such a low cost? By filming, training and offering his material, David is able to assist 200 students by giving them access to his content. This enables David to target-train 200 students spreading out the cost between members.

If I don't join, can I still ask David a question? David is honored that you’re looking to his experience for beekeeping advice! When you call in to speak with David you are one of hundreds of phone calls a week that we receive. His staff does a good job handling basic questions. But David is dedicated to give special attention to 200 people a month. We hope you understand.  When you subscribe and become one of my 200 team members, David will return your call as soon as he is available. Also, as a premium member you will be given David's personal email account and can email your questions, photos or videos for him to evaluate.

But I've taken a class or I'm a good customer. Can't I still ask David questions? Absolutely. However, to access premium tips, lessons and videos you must subscribe.

If I do not subscribe soon enough and 200 people beat me to it, can I be put on a waiting list? No need to be on a waiting list. Simply revisit the MEMBER AREA often. If someone cancels, that spot is available and the subscription product will no longer say "SOLD OUT" so jump in!

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