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feeding bees in the winter

Feeding Bees In The Winter

Feeding bees in the winter is essential for bees to survive a cold winter. 

1. Never feed honey bees liquid sugar water when they are clustered.

Bees rarely consume a watery sugar substance below 50 degrees (f). They will consume honey or candy boards during the winter because of the higher sugar content.

2. Feed candy boards only above the winter cluster.

Since colonies cluster during the winter, often frames of honey are too far to the side of the winter cluster to be available. A candy board is always above the cluster no matter where the move within the hive.

3. Allow upper ventilation when feeding candy boards in the winter.

Feeding bees in the winter with our winter-bee-kind provides upper ventilation allowing for excess moisture to leave the hive. An upper entrance can also aid in encouraging the bees to defecate outside the hive during the winter because it the upper entrance is closer to the cluster than their bottom entrance.

4. Protein must be added to the candy for winter survival.

Bees cannot live on sugar alone. They also need proteins which can be added to candy boards.

5. Do not allow the candy boards to go completely empty. Replace promptly. 

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