Trial & Error In Beekeeping Is So Expensive

Posted by David Burns, EAS Certified Master Beekeeper on 7th Dec 2018

We are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms and

Trial and error is a very costly way to start keeping bees, both in time and money. When I started beekeeping in the early 90s, I wasted so much money and time buying what I thought I needed but then didn't know for sure how to use it, when to put it on or take it off. Your bees deserve the best from you, that is your ability to gain knowledge to care for them as they deserve.

I heard someone say that trying to learn something through trial and error is so pre-90s. Today, we live in a much better time for gaining information and making well informed decisions. When I grew up the only place I could find out anything was either our family's encyclopedia or the library.Those books became quickly outdated. Remember those days too?

Sheri and I have such a love and passion not only for honey bees, but for beekeepers! Every day we help beekeepers all across the US. There is no reason in our day to struggle in beekeeping, not knowing what to do or how to do things right.

I worked so hard producing 6 online classes to help beekeepers gain the knowledge they need to know how to be successful. I'm excited to see so many beekeepers taking my classes and earning their certificates of completions. It's rewarding to sit down everyday and sign more certificates. It gives me gratitude knowing that more people are ready to start beekeeping.

I just made a new bundle for the beekeeper who is just starting or has kept bees for a few years but needs a bush up.

This bundle is for 3 of my top courses:

Basic Beekeeping - Fundamentals

A Day In The Apiary - Hands On In The Bee Yard

Getting Your Bees Through The Winter - Preparing Your Bees All Year For Winter

These three courses will give you the information you need to be successful. Basic Beekeeping will ground you in the fundamentals. The Day In The Apiary will show you what to do out in the bee yard. Getting Your Bees Through The Winter will help you prepare your bees for winter. Save money when purchasing these courses as a bundle. Click here to order now.

Still not convinced? Read testimonials from some of our students by clicking here.


I am so excited to be able to stay in close contact with beekeepers who need help and guidance as they get into beekeeping. Let me share a secret with you. Many beekeepers want to figure things out on their own. They order something from Amazon or a farm store and they get it home, stare at it and scratch their head. They try and gain information but cannot find support. They turn to YouTube and find so many different opinions and have to watch some wacky videos because they started searching for beekeeping, but somehow got side tracked and started watching plane crashes or cleaning tile grout.

Then they call us to ask what to do. I get it. I'm sorta that way too. Some people bought flow hives or top bar hives and now they aren't sure of management techniques. I'm here to help. I don't really care how you got started and I don't care what hive you started with. Let me be your coach. This program is for the person who knows nothing or the experienced beekeeper. I'm your coach. I'll meet you at your level of knowledge and we'll go from there.

There is no need to stumble and struggle to figure out beekeeping. Start right, start knowing what you are doing. When you become part of Beeteam6, you are given my personal cell phone and my personal email to contact me with your concerns or questions. And I'll send you a regular video and beekeeping tip. Sign Up Now

You are going to waste so much time and money trying to figure this thing out on your own. I've figured it out. Let me be your mentor. I learned the hard way, made the mistakes and now I know better. Take advantage of my experience, my mistakes, my knowledge and *certification.

*In 2010 I passed my examines and became a Certified Master Beekeeper by the Eastern Apicultural Society of North American. This master beekeeper program was started by Roger Morse a Cornell University entomology professor who brought the science of apiculture to the practice of beekeeping. This program has been under the direction of such beekeeping notiables as Dr. Clarence Collison and Dr. Dewey Caron. Click here to read about my journey.

Will Your Bees Starve This Winter? Get Your Winter-Bee-Kinds On Now! Watch the video then ORDER HERE

Healthy Bees

1. Winter Losses can be minimized with a good queen, varroa reduction and strong colonies with sufficient pollen and honey resources. So often a colony dies because the beekeeper did not monitor...READ MORE

Complete "How To" Test For Mites

Testing for varroa mites can be labor intense and is often not practiced by many new beekeepers. This leads to many colonies perishing during the winter. There are many methods available to test for mites. There is the alcohol roll, the sticky board test and the powdered sugar test. You may find that...READ MORE

Winter Bees

Smaller winter clusters consume more resources per bee than larger clusters. Bees can identify temperature differences as small as 0.45 (f). Very small clusters cannot survive temperatures 45 (f) and below. The winter cluster prefers dark comb and usually avoids new comb. Varroa mites, small hive beetles and trachea mites also survive within the warmth...READ MORE

Different Types of Honey Bees

Italian- Apis mellifera ligustica GOOD TRAITS: Very gentle, good brood pattern, isn't so prone to swarm as much, great honey producer, light on excess propolis and makes nice looking white comb honey. A great bee for someone new to beekeeping. POOR TRAITS: Can drift between hives and not find...READ MORE

Many of you will be getting started in beekeeping for the first time soon. Others are still real new at this. So be sure and enjoy some of our videos:

How to store honey supers

How do I test for mites?

How do I inspect my hive?

How do I know when to add another box?

Our Hives Are Amish Made Here In Illinois Just For Long Lane



Included in this LIBERTY KIT is, 1 Complete Hive plus supplies. 1 -3 lb package of bees with a mated queen. (Bees must be picked up at our location in Fairmount, IL, see below for more information). Look at all that is included in this special offer.

This is a huge savings, our way of inviting others to take the plunge and do something good for our environment as well enjoyable a fun hobby. And, wouldn't it be nice to have your own honey to enjoy or sell? The hives are fully assembled and coated with 2 coats of exterior high quality latex paint.

In our LIBERTY KIT you will receive:

One complete hive. This hive includes the following:

1 Screen bottom board with entrance cleat.

1 Entrance feeder

2 Deep Hive Bodies. This is the area where the bees live. Each deep hive body comes complete with 10 wooden frames with full 3/8 side bars, and are glued and stapled. Plus each frame is already assembled with plastic beeswax coated foundation. This is a total of 20 deep hive body frames.

1 Medium Honey Super. This is where the bees store their excess honey that you can remove. This super comes with 10 wooden frames, glued and stapled, fully assembled with plastic beeswax coated foundation.

1 Inner cover. This goes on top of the boxes, but beneath the final top cover. This high-quality inner cover allows for upper ventilation and a vapor barrier.

1 Telescoping Top Cover. This is the final top cover with nice white metal to help protect it from the weather and keeps that nice white look without rusting.


1 Cloth Hat and Veil combo.

1 Hive tool.

1 Smoker

1 Queen Excluder, used to keep the queen from entering into the upper super.

These hives are built right here in Central Illinois. We are a small American business with an EAS certified Master Beekeeper to help answer your questions.

David & Sheri Burns

Long Lane Honey Bee Farms


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