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Beekeeping Supplies

How To Start Beekeeping
Next Available Beginners Beekeeping Class Feb 28. See A List Of All Classes

Beekeeping supplies can be hard find with bees included. We make it easy. How to keep honey bees can be confusing. We are here to help take the confusion out of keeping honey bees. Start Beekeeping Today! Learn all about beekeeping from EAS certified master beekeeper, David Burns.

Beekeeping Supplies
Bee Hive Kits
- Complete Hive Kits Including Packages of Bees
- Winter Candy Board Feeders

Honey Bees
- Honey bees fly 55,000 miles to bring us 1 pound of honey.
- During a honey bee's life (about 40 days) a honey bee will gather about 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey.
- Bees must visit 2 million flowers to gather 1 pound of honey.
- How many bees are in a 3 lb package of bees? About 10,000.Honey Bee Institute

Beekeeping Classes Come join us for a beekeeping class! Don't keep losing bees every year.

Hi, we are David and Sheri Burns. There's nothing like having your own beehives. Have you heard about medical research in propolis and honey? Look around our site, give us a call (217) 427-2678 and let us help you with all your beekeeping needs. We are located near Fairmount, Illinois and we are a hard working family beekeeping business. We carry a full line of beekeeping supplies.

Beekeepers' Resolution For 2015

1. Plan Ahead. This year, decide how you will aggressively keep your mites levels low. In our classes we give you a four part non-chemical approach. The longer you wait to purchase your bees, take a class or buy hives you risk having to wait or totally missing the boat.

2. Resolve To Know As Much As You Can. Take all the classes you can. Attend seminars and conferences. Read books and magazines.

3. Monitor Your Hives Throughout The Winter. Keep Winter-Bee-Kind candy boards on your hives. Last year some beekeepers failed to replace empty WBKs on the hive and the bees starved out. So many hives were low on food going into winter. Resolve to monitor their winter stores of food. Keep mice out. Make sure your entrances are not allowing mice to enter. Mice can destroy your hives. Provide a wind break. Keep something heavy on the top so winter winds do not blow the top off.

4. Resolve To Inspect Your Bees More Often In The Spring And Summer. We recommend inspecting your hive briefly every two weeks in the spring and summer.

5. Resolve To Deal With Issues. If your queen is slacking off, replace her quickly. Prevent swarming. Trap small hive beetles. Keep your bees in their hives during pesticide applications nearby.

(Order with or without bees. See below)
Our Most Complete Beekeeping Kit
2 Hives & Equipment Supplies

Freedom Bee Hive Kit

Celebrate the freedom we have in America, freedom to pursue our dreams. Perhaps keeping bees is part of your dream and your pursuit of happiness. Look at the beekeeping supplies included.

(Order with or without bees. See below)
1 Hive, & Equipment Supplies

Liberty Hive Kit

Same as FREEDOM KIT but only has one hive.

Packages of bees sell out so fast. We have reserved bees to go along with this hive kit special. We want to help you fulfill your dream of keeping bees.

Honey Bees With Hive

Did you wait too long last year to start beekeeping? Take advantage of our early bird special. Maybe you are brand new to beekeeping and finding it hard to get a package of bees and a hive. You've come to the right place. This makes a special Christmas gift.

(Order with or without bees. See below)
1 Starter Hive, & Equipment Supplies

Starter hive.Buy other boxes as you need them.

Do you have the necessary knowledge to help your bees survive the winter?

Maybe your allergies are getting worse and you've heard that raw honey may ease allergies. Why not get your own bee hives.

Maybe you are tired of your orchard not producing apples like it did when you had honey bees years ago.

Stop putting it off and join the beekeeping movement across the country of keeping honey bees.

Take one Beekeeping Classof our classes taught by EAS certified master Beekeeper David Burns. Credentials matter when it comes to beekeeping classes.

Our Winter-Bee-Kinds provides both carbohydrates and protein for your bees and provides upper vent/exit and upper insulation to help reduce excessive condensation. We make them at just the right consistency so that bees can consume the food. You'll notice it is not a hard block of bee food. When you receive it, it will appear moist and sometimes wet so they arrive delicious to bees.

See what awaits you in beekeeping. We offer free online beekeeping lessons, video, podcasts, beekeeping supplies and bees and queens.

People are jumping on the bandwagon of beekeeping.

Call us if you need honey bees removed from your house or tree. 217-427-2678

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It's best to start with two honey beee hives or more..read why to start with two hives rather than one.

Beekeeping Basics: Learn How To Install A Package Of Bees...Read More or Watch My Video On Installing A Package

We also produce beekeeping podcasts, remove honey bees from homes, sell honey and speak regularly on beekeeping. We also produce regular beekeeping lessons and articles through our beekeeping blog. Our blog is found at: http://www.basicbeekeeping.blogspot.com

Here Is Our Contact Information Phone: 217-427-2678

Please be advised that we do not accept orders, changes or questions about orders through email. With spam filters, email is not always a reliable source of communication. Please call and talk with a real person at 217-427-2678 to order or inquire about your order.

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