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Complete Beekeeping Kits

Completely Assembled & Painted Hives,
Sheri's Valentine Special, Royal Hive Kit, Freedom Kits, Liberty Kits, Independence Kits, Pioneer Kits and Swarm Catcher Kits

Beekeeping Hive Components


10 Frame Slatted Racks, Bee Escapes, Metal & Plastic Queen Excluders, Inner Covers, Screen Bottom Boards, Upper Winter Spacers, Winter Feeders

8 Frame Beekeeping Equipment

8 Frame Equipment
We now offer hive kits, hives and individual
hive components in 8 Frame.

Beekeeping Feeding


Candy Boards, Winter-BEE-Kind, Entrance Feeders, Frame Feeders, Top Feeders, Honey-B-Healthy, Pollen Patties

Honey Extraction

Extractors, Refractometers, Bee Escapes, Scratchers, Filters, Uncapping Knives

Beekeeping Tools and Supplies

Hive Tools, Smokers, Beetle Traps, Equipment Kits, Smoker Fuel

Queen Honeybee supplies


5 Frame Nuc, California Mini Cages, Queen Mansions, Grafting Tools, Wide Base Cell Cups

Beekeeping Protective Clothing


Hats, Veils, Gloves, Jackets & Suits

Beekeeping Gifts

Gifts & Apparel
We now offer specialty beekeeping gifts such as key chains, candles and unique t-shirts and denim shirts.

Beekeeping Frames And Foundation


Green Drone Comb (Mite Traps), Medium Frames w/plastic foundation, Super Frames w/plastic foundation

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Join certified master beekeeper David Burns for one of his popular classes on basic beekeeping, queen rearing or advance beekeeping. In our classes you'll learn more than you can image possible about the honey bee.

We think, raising bees is a very enjoyable hobby and pastime. We believe you will enjoy it as well. Did you know that a honey bee flies around 15 mph? A hive of bees flies 55,000 miles to bring us 1 pound of honey. During her life (approximately 40 days) a honey bee will gather about 1/12 teaspoon of honey. Bees must go to two million flowers to gather l pound of honey. Bees can see the same colors we see except red. They can also see ultraviolet. See what awaits you as you become a beekeeper. We offer free online beekeeping lessons, videos and podcasts, as well as sell beekeeping supplies, bees and queens.

It's that easy but we know you'll need more information and that is why we have everything you'll need to know in our Free Online Beekeeping Lessons.

You can start with as few as one hive, but we recommend beginners start with two hives. Then each hive will need a 3lb package of bees (about 10,000 bees) with a marked queen. Read our article on Varroa Mite Control

Join us for our next basic beekeeping course. We offer beginner, advance and queen rearing classes.
Click here for more information. During our classes you can purchase your hives and take them home that day! I am confident, that if you will read our online lessons, you will understand how to become a beekeeper. We even have full lessons on installing your bees (video) as well as how to inspect your hive and make sure all is well.

And we view all of our customers as students as we provide free mentoring. Just call us up to ask your questions and we'll help you enjoy your new hives. 217-427-2678


How can new beekeepers wade through all the confusing, glossy catalogs and actually start to understand beekeeping equipment? It is confusing and as a certified master beekeeper I've spent years helping people like you understand honey bees and beekeeping equipment. I've put together a seven minute video below that will answer your hive equipment questions.

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It's best to start with two hives or why to start with two hives rather than one.

Learn How To Install A Package Of Bees...Read More or Watch My Video On Installing A Package

We also produce beekeeping podcasts, remove bees from homes, sell honey and speak regularly on beekeeping. We also produce regular beekeeping lessons and articles through our beekeeping blog. Our blog is found at:

Here Is Our Contact Information Phone: 217-427-2678

Please be advised that we do not accept orders, changes or questions about orders through email. With spam filters, email is not always a reliable source of communication. Please call us at 217-427-2678 to order or inquire about your order.

Beekeeping Podcasts

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Beekeeping is amazing and on the rise!

People are jumping on the bandwagon of beekeeping. It's not too late to get started this year, but you'd better hurry. Spring is here and soon bees will be pollinating fruits and vegetables. It may be just the hobby you need to help relieve stress. Or maybe you need a pastime, something to do now that you have more free time.

Bee HiveBeekeeping is so interesting and can be such an enjoyable hobby or business. Isn't it time for you to enjoy being a beekeeper? Think of the honey, and how your honeybees will help pollinate fruits and vegetable in your area.

We are David and Sheri Burns and we are passionate about helping more people become beekeepers. We want to help you with all your beekeeping needs and beekeeping equipment. We are located near Fairmount, Illinois and we are a hard working family beekeeping business. Take a look at the hives make. We make all the hives right here in Illinois and we provide bees and honey bee queens. Our hives are fully assembled and painted with all the frames. Plus we include an entrance feeder and a queen excluder. We appreciate your support, and value your business. Look over our online store. Our customers are mentored by EAS certified master beekeeper, David Burns. We carry a full line of beekeeping supplies and have over 150 free online beekeeping lessons. We have years of experience offering highly successful beekeeping classes.Scroll down and watch our video explaining the various parts to the hive and more.


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Bee Hive Kit

Celebrate the freedom we have in America, freedom to pursue our dreams. Perhaps keeping bees is part of your dream and your pursuit of happiness. Does not include bees but we'll provide you contact information for bees.


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