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Long Lane Honey Bee Farms

The Art of Beekeeping

Beekeeping can be a hobby, a business or a way of getting our minds off of our troubles. It helps us enjoy being outdoors, enjoying nature and helps us appreciate the world we live in and the life we have.
Beekeeping gives us a distraction, a focus, an interest and a way to be busy with our hands and minds. Sometimes we feel that our bees need feed them, to control their mites or to help them make it through winter. But we need them too, not just to pollinate and make us honey, but they become part of our family, like a pet. I've read that having a pet can have health benefits by reducing stress. 

When I married Sheri in 1980 I never thought we'd be beekeepers or own a bee business. But here we are. Even though we both have college degrees and have had different careers, for over a decade we've enjoyed the life that the bees have given us or I should say our beekeeping customers have given us. 
We enjoy looking at orders everyday because it's our bread and butter. Sheri and I do not have other jobs.  No orders, no bread and butter. We look at every hive that is built and shipped out. Sheri sometimes touches up a blemish with a paint brush. Trisha staples cardboard corners on the hive boxes to prevent them from being damaged in shipping. Every queen I raise I'm proud to send her to a customer because I love her brood pattern and her daughter's gentle disposition. Every winter-bee-kind board I personally pour, I mix it just right to help your bees survive a brutal winter. I labor over editing every online class to get it perfect. I invented the Burns Feeding System for fall feeding not to make a buck, but to help you and to help bees survive, to solve a problem of bees starving in the fall from protein deprivation.  Everything we do is not about making a buck, but helping to solve a beekeeping problem. And when you place an order, you are helping us. That's the dash, that's life. As we help you, you help our family and we really appreciate that. You've helped us have a wonderful 38 years of marriage. This may sound too philosophical but beekeeping is art, science and a labor of love. 
Beekeeping Is Art, Love and Science
The best beekeepers eventually develop a three prong approach to beekeeping: Science, Art and A Love for Bees. To raise bees merely by science is unsuccessful. To raise them only as an art, is failure. To raise them only because you love them, but know nothing about the art or science ends in disaster. But the three together makes a successful beekeeper. Within the art, is the developed skill and the science. Love motivates us to do our best for our bees. In my lessons, classes, emails and videos I try to convey the art, science and love of beekeeping.
So when you are considering placing an order with us, know in advance that we really appreciate it so much. It's rewarding to know that you see and appreciate our hard work and personal touch we give everything we do. Thank you. 
Here's what we are most proud of:
Our Online Beekeeping Classes From The Comfort Of Your Home
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