Spring Management of bees

Spring Management and Preparation of Package Bees

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Ready, set, go, spring is around the corner! There are two groups of beekeepers headed into spring. Those who do not have bees but will be getting packages or nucs this year, and then there are those who have overwintered bees and are looking forward to seeing how well these over-wintered colonies survived the winter.

A first year hive is just what it sounds like. It is the installation of a package of bees or a nuc. A second year hive means the colony has overwintered one winter and is now in its second year.

First, what about new beekeepers just starting out?

Even though it is cold outside, you must start preparing now!

1) All of your beekeeping equipment must be ordered soon so that you can become familiar with all the pieces and where to place it in your yard.

Unless you live in the deep south, you need these hive components:

Screen bottom board

2 Deep brood hive bodies with frames/foundation

2-3 Medium supers with frames/foundation

An inner cover

An outer cover

An entrance reducer

Either a top or an entrance feeder 

A hive tool

Protective clothing

A smoker

That's your equipment checklist. Do not improvise. Keep bees the right way with the right tools. Do not use a screw driver instead of a hive tool, or a trash bag instead of a hat and veil. Do it right if you are going to keep bees! We have several online options if you still need to order your hive, bees or equipment at www.honeybeesonline.com 

If you are rusty or unfamiliar with hive components...consider taking our online Spring Management Course.