Package Policy






Bees will be picked up at our facilities by customer or other arrangements for someone else to pick them up at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms near Fairmount, Illinois. You will receive a detailed letter via email with all information, instructions, and dates for pick up. Please mark the date on your calendar. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure they are satisfied with both the mated queen and the package before leaving. Once off the property, Long Lane Honey Bee Farms is no longer responsible or the well being of the bees or queen. We expect all beekeepers to be fully trained and prepared to care for their bees.

Absconding:It is not uncommon for a new package to abscond, which means once they are installed, they completely leave the hive and fly away. Again, this is the customer's loss and we cannot replace or refund packages that absond or die. There are too many variables and individual management styles and environmental stresses that are beyond our control.

All queens we provide are mated and have proven themselves to be strong laying queens. If after receiving your package your queen dies or does not lay well, we cannot provide a free replacement. Before you suspect that you did not receive a queen in your queen cage, please understand that we place a queen in all queen cages and this is tripled checked. 1) The new spring queen's brood pattern is evaluated and then she is captured and placed in a cage. 2) The person who places the queen into the package verifies that she is in and moving around well. 3) The person who is watching the scale when the bees are placed in the package makes sure the queen is moving around in her cage prior to the bees being shaken in. This is a process that cannot be missed. We can provide a queen as they are available for $35 plus shipping.

RETURN & REFUND POLICY ON PACKAGES PICKED UP AT OUR APIARY: At our apiary, we will show you the bees and the queen so that you can verify that all are healthy and alive. You can visually inspect your package. You will be shown your queen in her cage and can verify that she is alive, but once you accept your package, it is yours and there can be no refund or return. Please check every package that you purchase. 

99% of our customers are very happy in how they received their bees. Bees are live stock and are subject to various environmental stresses and occasionally bees do die in shipment or abscond after installation. The customer assumes all risks of losing their bees once the bees are picked up.

 We have gone out of our way to provide FREE online lessons so that you can be most successful in beekeeping. And we offer regular beekeeping classes. So be prepare to keep bees before your bees arrive. Thank you!

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