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HOW DOES IT WORK? When you make your final purchase (these are not refundable, so make sure you choose the right one!) you will immediately see a download link on the page.  If you miss it, that's okay, because then we send you your email receipt to your inbox.  (You may need to check your spam/trash for the email.) And you can always access the courses through your account on the website!

In the email are blue links to your download classes.  Click on the links, and up will pop the worksheets, in which the links are located. You can also access the courses through your account on the website too!  You have these links forever, to watch over and over, as often as you need.  The links are only for you, but you can show them to anyone in your household (but can not be shared outside of your household.)

Fill out the worksheets, send them all together to David Burns, PO Box 254, Catlin IL 61817 (allow 6-8 weeks for grading and processing.) Note: Per USPS: These worksheets will take more than a single stamp, please take them into the post office for proper postage. If they are mailed without sufficient postage, the worksheets will go back to you. If you choose to email them to us at, please note you will not get your worksheets back with your certificate. You will get your worksheets back if you mail them to us at our p.o. box. 


If you are taking a bundled package (e..g. Ultimate package) send all worksheets together at one time. NOTE: While anyone in your household can watch the videos, we only send 1 certificate per purchase.  If anyone else would like a certificate, send $10 along with the worksheet packet and we will be glad to grade and issue a certificate. 

 Save the travel expenses of hotels, gas and food. No juggling schedules. Study at your own pace, when you have time. Study in the comfort of your home. You will receive download instructions on your receipt/invoice after purchase.

 "If you choose to complete my worksheets which I include in the course, I'll personally sign and send you a certificate of completion".  -- David Burns

Hundreds of people around the country have been telling us how much they have enjoyed these online beekeeping courses. 

If you are not convinced, consider the money you have invested in bees, protective gear, hive equipment...hundreds of dollars! Please do not waste your money by failing to learn on how to keep's harder than you realize. Please let me encourage you...without investing in a good beekeeping course, you will be throwing your money away. 


Mite Control Course: Learn quickly and precisely how to test and control mites.  

Basic Beekeeping: Learn The Fundamentals of Beekeeping 

A Day In The Apiary With David 

Spring Management: Swarm Control, Making Splits 

Queen Rearing: How To Raise Quality Queens 

Advanced Beekeeping: A Deeper Approach To Beekeeping 

Getting Your Bees Through The Winter 


3 PAK BUNDLE: BEGINNER'S PACKAGE - Includes, the Basic Course, A Day In The Apiary and Getting Your Bees Through The Winter. 


  • New Beginners Bundle

    New Beginners Bundle

    The digital links come to you via your email receipt.  Check your spam/trash.  You can also access these links from your account here on the website. If all else fails, email us at for help.    I just...