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Making Spring Splits

Making Spring Splits

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There are several advantages and reasons why you will want to split your hives:

To increase the number of you hives.

To prevent swarming.

To produce nucs.


It is important to realize that splits should only be made from overwintered hives, or what we refer to as second year hives. A first year hive usually will not expand enough to split in their first year.

How early you split your hives will depend upon where you live. Wait until the evening temperature is warm enough so that the transferred brood will not become chilled. It is a gamble for me here in Central Illinois to make splits prior to the month of May. A thoroughly populated hive can keep their brood warm on a cold night but not a small split.

Although there are many variations in making splits let me give you the simplest explanation then I will expand upon the variations.

In its simplest form a split is nothing more than several frames of brood, bees and food sources taken from a strong hive and placed in an empty hive. You might think of it as a controlled swarm.

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