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Long Lane Honey Bee Farms

honey on tap

Delicious Honey On Tap

Here are some simple tips in harvesting honey:

1) Make sure the frame of honey from the hive is capped with wax. We call it being sealed. Do not harvest honey that is not capped by the bees or it may not be completely dried and ready.


2) Keep everything clean, including extractors, knives and jars.


3) Screen honey through a micron screen. 400 micron is not really filtering honey, but rather keeping chunks of wax or hive pieces from getting into bottles.


4) Keep bottles clean on the outside. Sticky jars are not attractive.

Years ago it was common to see a jar of honey on the kitchen table to be poured over pancakes or toast. Some folks even kept a frame full of honey on the table and just cut out some honey as needed. Now there is a movement back to real, raw honey. Having honey on tap really is possible especially with the new and growing level of enthusiasm beekeeping is experiencing in America.

Our customers are amazed at the taste difference between store bought honey and real beekeeper's honey, fresh from the hive.

There is really an art and pleasure in tapping into honey from your very own bee hive. It is enjoyable and exciting to check the progress of your honey bees by opening up the hive, lifting out a full frame of honeycomb full of honey. Slice open the wax caps and let it flow down the walls of your extractor as your family takes turn spinning. It's fun and is becoming increasingly popular. If you want to tap into real, natural honey, a real and healthy sweetener, start keeping bees. Give us a call: 217-427-2678

We have a complete line of ONLINE BEEKEEPING COURSES. 

Be sure and visit our complete line of harvesting equipment and watch our honey extraction video.


Bee Hives For Sale


We offer completely assembled and painted hives that include a screen bottom board for mite control, wooden frames and beeswax coated foundation. See our full line of bee hives for sale. USA made right here in Illinois!