Beekeeping Videos

Beekeeping Videos

There is a push to make beekeeping appear practically hands free. New beekeepers are struggling to implement best management practices. I'd like to be your mentor. I am currently accepting positions to mentor a limited number of beekeepers. You'll have access to my personal and private email. And you can send me videos or pictures of your hive when it just doesn't seem right or you don't know what's going on. You'll also receive several new instructional tips each month on what you should be doing. Click here to see if spots are still available.

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Here is David's Most Recent Videos.







Extracting Honey


Winter is coming. Take a look at our Winter-Bee-Kind.


How to feed your bees during a nectar dearth or in the fall to prepare your bees for winter.


Wondering how to add extra wax to foundation. Watch and I'll demonstrate.


Watch how much adding extra wax to foundation can accelerate the bees drawing out the comb.


Watch our video to see how the bees communicate to the hive where the flowers are located.


If you need help on how to install a package of bees, watch our video now!