New Online Beekeeping Course

Posted by David Burns on 24th Jan 2018

We are excited to roll out our online beekeeping courses. People around the country have been telling us they want to attend our beekeeping classes but they live too far away. We rolled up our sleeves

Beekeeping Gizmos & Gadgets

Posted by David Burns on 28th Nov 2015

To be a successful beekeeper requires learning and implementing skills and techniques that can only be gained by years of keeping bees. Is there a fast and easy way to keep bees? A button to push?

Bottom Board Openings 3/4" or 3/8"

Posted by David Burns, certified master beekeeper on 7th Oct 2015

Bottom Board Openings 3/4” or 3/8”?? 217-427-2678Thanks for joining us here for some more beekeeping insights. Every time we make a beekeeping post th

Fall Can Be The Most Dangerous Season For Your Bees

Posted by David Burns on 21st Sep 2015

Bees In The FallHello from David and Sheri Burns. Can you believe it will be fall on Wednesday. I believe fall is the most challenging and dangerous season for honey bees. In this lesson I’ll share wh