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Q&A About My Beekeeping Mentorship Subscription

I don't have any questions, just sign me up now.

Isn't 19.97 a month a lot?  You are getting a tremendous amount of personal mentoring from an experienced, certified master beekeeper for less that $5 a week. Some people give us donations for all the free information we share throughout the year. Sheri and I make a living only from our bee business. With the rise of big box stores and large online stores selling hives we still have to make a living and I think you want us available long into the future. Your monthly subscription not only affords you a tremendous learning opportunity but helps us to continue to provide the great content that we offer. Still not sure? Then don't do it. We are looking for 200 students who understand the value of what we are offering and want to learn from a certified master beekeeper.

If I change my mind, can I cancel at any time? Yes

I believe so strongly in my training and the value I give to each team member that I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. From the time your membership starts or renews you have 30-days to cancel your membership with a full refund. If you cancel after the first 30-days, your refund will be pro-rated at the monthly membership rate.

How long will the weekly videos be? These instructional beekeeping videos will be between 4 and 15 minutes long. It is not necessarily the quantity that is important but the quality of the content that I am teaching or demonstrating.

What if I try and call David on Friday night for an answer? You probably will not hear from me until Saturday or Monday. Please understand that just like you don't work 24/7, I can't either. I want to help you and I will do my best but please be resonable.

If I email David, can I expect an immediate response? Sometimes. But again, be reasonable. I sleep, shower and have hobbies where I cannot take electronics. So allow me time to get back to you. If you have not heard from me in 48 hours assume that your email didn't make it to me and send it again.

Can I just watch these premium videos on YouTube without paying? No, these premium videos are available only to premiere team members. I do have free you tube beekeeping videos but the videos you will have access to are private to members only.

What keeps me from paying for one month only then cancelling but sharing all the info with my buddies down at the bee club without them paying? Your honesty and your support for my hard work. When you unsubscribe you can no longer access the members only area.

How can you make yourself available to us at such a low cost? By filming, training and offering my material in a way where 200 students can access the content when and where they want online ,enables me to target-train 200 students spreading out the cost between members.

If I don't join, can I still ask David a question? I’m honored that you’re looking to me for beekeeping advice! When you call in to speak with me you are one of hundreds of phone calls a week that we receive. My staff does a good job handling basic questions. But I am limited to give special attention to 200 people a month. I hope you understand. I have to sleep, eat, and have time to be a good dad and enjoy life too, just like you do. When you subscribe and become one of my 200 team members, I will return your call as soon as I am available. Also, as a premium member you will be given my personal email account and can email your questions, photos or videos for me to evaluate.

But I've taken a class or I'm a good customer. Can't I still ask David questions? Absolutely. However, to access premium tips, lessons and videos you must subscribe.

If I do not subscribe soon enough and 200 people beat me to it, can I be put on a waiting list? No need to be on a waiting list. Simply revisit the MEMBER AREA often. If someone cancels, that spot is available and the subscription product will no longer say "SOLD OUT" so jump in!

Is it better just to take a class than subscribe? Good question. If you remain a subscriber for 6-12 months you will receive information (and much more) that would probably require taking at least 3 of our classes. Another consideration is that you will be able to access my premium training at your leisure. No hotel expense, no travel time, and no class registration fees. I want to see some subscribers at a future class, but for those of you who just can't make a class, this is a perfect alternative.

Hurry! Sign Me Up Now Before The 200 Spots Are Taken