beekeeping for beginners

Beekeeping For Beginners

It can be hard to figure out how to start keeping bees.

There is a push to make it appear practically hands free. But beginners must learn how to implement best management practices to keep bees alive. I want to be your mentor. I am an EAS Certified Master Beekeeper and would love for you to take one of my ONLINE courses. 

1. How to keep honey bees

Our focus is on new beekeepers looking to get started. Keeping honey bees can be an easy hobby to learn. While honey bees face new challenges, honey bees pollinate foods that are healthy for us like fruits and vegetables. Beekeeping is an enjoyable hobby. First, you do a little research. Then, you invest a little time to learn more. And before long you dive in.

2. Buying beekeeping equipment

The very first thing to buy a beekeeper starter kit. Generally a bee hive refers to the "boxes" the bees live in. There are many different configurations, but most hives consists of a bottom board, two boxes called "hive bodies" where the bees live and raise their young, then honey supers on top of that. Finally, the tops consists of an inner cover for air spacing, and finally the top cover to protect the hive from rain.

Where can you buy beekeeping equipment? Long Lane Honey Bee Farms ( offers a full range of hive kits that come with bees. Be careful when considering used equipment. The price may be free or cheap, but you could also be buying diseased equipment. Some diseases stay dormant in old equipment for decades and could kill your newly introduced bees.

You will need a smoker to calm the bees when you do your inspection, a hive tool and some amount of protective clothing.

3. Where to buy honey bees

All packages of bees come from the south or west. A package is a box consisting of 3 pounds of bees with one mated queen. These are usually purchased in the winter as most providers sell out in late winter and delivered or shipped in the spring.  

4. When to purchase bees

Secure the purchase of your bees in the winter. But do not expect delivery until spring. Our bees will go on sale the first of January.

5. Where to take a beekeeping class

There are many beekeeping classes springing up all over. Choose wisely. If you are a new beginning beekeeper you may not realize your instructor is not thoroughly up to date in the craft. We recommend you take a beekeeping class from a certified master beekeeper. Certified master beekeepers are up to date on new issues with bees and proper management of colonies. They are also experienced in the management of bee hives including pests, diseases and medication. Check our  classes taught by certified master beekeepers. If you live too far away to take a class, consider our Online Beekeeping Academy:


Click Here and begin our Basic Beekeeping Course

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