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Beehives For Sale

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Beekeeping can be a very enjoyable hobby but first you need to know what you need. Before you blindly jump into beekeeping, there are a few things you need to know about beehives and beekeeping.

Anyone can purchase a hive and a 3 pound package of bees, but in my opinion 70-80% of beekeepers drop out because their hives die within the first year or two due to poor management. A good foundation which we teach in our classes is essential. Consider taking our ONLINE BEEKEEPING COURSES from the comfort of your home. No traveling to classes. No intimidation. Learn at your own pace through my videos! Start and finish when you want.

If you are not convinced, consider the money you have invested in bees, protective gear, hive equipment...hundreds! Please do not waste your money by not educating yourself on how to keep's harder than you realize. Without investing in a good beekeeping course, you will be throwing your money away. 

 Save the travel expenses of hotels, gas and food. No juggling schedules. Study at your own pace, when you have time. Study in the comfort of your home. 



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There is a push to make beekeeping appear practically hands free. New beekeepers are failing to implement best management practices. I want to be your mentor. 

If you are new to beekeeping, it's complicated to figure out what to buy. Let us help you make an informed decision. Call and speak with our certified master beekeeper, David Burns if you are starting new. Or check out our hive kits. Beekeeping is one of the fastest growing hobbies and so many are looking for bee hives for sale. It is easy to become quickly fascinated with beekeeping. We are here to help you avoid the common mistakes when it comes to getting started in beekeeping. Our hives are made to last. Did you know old, used hives could spread diseases? Beekeepers are always looking to buy more hives. It is always a good idea to have new equipment on hand should someone call you to capture a swarm of bees. You need something to put the swarm in. Or maybe you realize you must split your rapidly growing hive but you don't have any beekeeping equipment.



It is hard to know where to buy the best hive kits. That's why we always have special kits just for your beekeeping needs. Some places will sell you the hives but not the bees. We provide everything you need such as hives, classes, equipment, even the bees. Keep in mind, when comparing prices, our kits are fully assembled and painted and include frames and foundation. We realize you could purchase your hives from larger box stores, but keep in mind we are a small family business and we appreciate your business.


 HOBBY KIT Without Bees

Complete Honey Bee Kit

Our Hobby Starter KIT is a starter kit. This is the least expensive way to get started.  You will need to add more boxes or additional items to this hive as it grows, but you can purchase this kit to get started without paying for the full hive at one time. Buy other boxes as you need them. This hive kit comes assembled with a screen bottom board, a deep hive body with 10 assembled wooden frames and foundation, top cover, 2 entrance reducers, a cloth hat/veil combo, a smoker, entrance feeder and a hive tool. Boxes are rabbet joint corners and the hive is assembled and painted. Quality craftsmanship, these workhorses will last for years to come.  Made in the USA!  Bees are not included.




Bee Hives For SaleWe offer completely assembled and painted hives that include a screen bottom board for mite control, wooden frames and beeswax coated foundation. See our full line of bee hives for sale. USA made right here in Illinois!

Here at as beekeepers we make our hives to our specs. We build our hives right here in Illinois. Check out all of our beekeeping equipment. And before you run out to a big box store chain, please consider supporting America's small, family businesses. Thank you. I have so much more informative beekeeping advice in my ONLINE BEEKEEPING COURSE. 


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