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Please note: We recommend that only those within a 2 hour radius purchase our nucs and take a class so you are correctly prepared and knowledgeable about bees and beekeeping before picking up our livestock. 
Illinois Overwintered 5 Frame Nucs with bees for sale. 
These nucs (short for nucleus) are made up of 5 Langstroth Deep frames of bees, brood, pollen/nectar resource frames and comes with a mated Illinois queen.
These are not nucs from the south and are not made from packages. These are nucs from Illinois overwintered colonies and are inspected by the Illinois Department Agriculture before pick up.
The date for 2024 year's pick up is______________
The time for 2024 year's pick up is from 9 am - 10 am Central Time
Note: This date can change.  We put the pick up date on the top of our homepage.  Do not come to pick up nucs until you have checked the front page and see the "all clear" signal.  If the date changes, we will alert you on the front homepage of our website. 
The address for pick up is. 14556 N 1020 East Rd
                                       Fairmount IL 61841
It is curbside pick up.  You will enter the line in your car, wait your turn, and we put the bees into your car for you.  We brush off all the stragglers (but please know that sometimes there's a straggler or two we can't see) and do all the work for you! Please bring protective gear if you are uncomfortable around bees, and it's better to leave the animals and kiddies at home.
These bees need AIR and to be KEPT COOL.  Do not put into crates, tupperware or wrap in blankets or sheets.  Keep the nucs at the same temperatures as you.  Get them home quickly and install.
We expect you to be knowledgeable about bees and to have taken a class on equipment, hive placement, inspection techniques, pests & diseases and current treatments. You will need to find out any laws or regulations, including insurance in your town and county.