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A Beekeeping Institute June 12, 13, 14 2015 **SOLD OUT**

A Beekeeping Institute June 12, 13, 14 2015 **SOLD OUT**

Price: $289.00
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Detailed Description
Long Lane Honey Bee Farms Beekeeping Institute will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 12-14, 2015
The Beekeeping Institute is a three day opportunity to learn everything about honey bees. Our Basic Beekeeping class is a prerequisite to this 3 day Beekeeping Institute. (We offer a Basic Beekeeping class the day before this institute on June 11th). This is our third year to offer this institute. 
During this three day beekeeping institute we will cover in depth teachings on pests and diseases, best seasonal management practices, queen rearing, swarm prevention, making splits, field work such as nosema field test, mite tests and more. You'll learn how to find your queen, how to mark her, and how to perform a thorough hive inspection. David will have several bee experts assisting him during this institute. 
"I love the institute week. I enjoy the interaction between students. We all become good friends and enjoy learning about bees together. You have me at your disposal for 3 days to pick my brain. Come join me"--David Burns
Come join us and we'll take you through three days of training that will help you leave as an expert.

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