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Burns Bees Feeding System- 10 Frame-Two Feeding Holes

Burns Bees Feeding System- 10 Frame-Two Feeding Holes

Price: $19.00
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Brief Description
Detailed Description
10 Frame (we also make them for 8 frames)Burns Bees Feed System places the food strategically over the brood nest area, keeping food where bees can always access it even on cold nights. Comes with 2 holes for jars and 2 caps. Jars not included. Includes recipe for sugar patties. If you need an 8 frame Burns Bees Feed System, please look for that specific item. Screen is placed for patty distribution as well as screen is placed below each jar opening so you can change out your feeding jars without bees flying up out of the holes. Bees are able to access jar lids to eat sugar water through the screen. Picture shows 3 holes but actual board only includes 2 jar holes. You can feed sugar water as long as bees can fly. Once it is cold and bees cluster, use our Winter-Bee-Kind candy boards for winter.

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