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Queens for Sale"David - I just wanted to thank you for getting me a queen on short notice a couple of months ago. I requeened the hive that had sac brood and began feeding with essential oils and the colony seems to be coming back. Your queen has a fantaxtic laying pattern and no sign of the disease. Keeping my fingers crossed, but I think they've made it through!" --Brooke, Wisconsin

Hi David,
This is Agnes. The queen I bought from you is great. Thank you. I harvested so much honey this summer, I started making jokes about it. I love it, though. --Agnes, Illinois

We ship our queens 1-2 day service depending on where you live. If you were a queen, you'd prefer to ship fast too! However, if you want to pay more and have your queen sent overnight, please call us to make arrangements. 217-427-2678

Shipping Policy: There is always a certain risk involved in shipping livestock. We highly recommend picking up your queen purchases whenever possible. However, if you must have your queen bees shipped, we ship only overnight night or 2nd day. Unlike with our other beekeeping equipment, shipping companies do not insure livestock or guarantee delivery dates. Queens are shipped at your risk. We have no control over the care, concern or health of queens during the shipping process. Every queen we send out has our approval and is mated and in good health. We cannot control what happens after she leaves our tender, loving hands.

If your queen perishes, you must call us the next business day (this does not include Sat. or Sun.) of receiving your queen. Please do not email us. Call us only at 217-427-2678 and we will send out a new queen bee at no charge, but customers must pay shipping costs for the replaced queens. Documentation proving the queen died in shipping must also be provided within 3 business days after receiving the queen. This may include sending back your dead queen.

Fun Facts About Queens

The queen must mate within her first 20 days or she will lose the urge to mate and become a drone layer.

She mates in the afternoon, flying out of the hive to a Drone Congregational Area (DCA).

She flies 15 feet or less several feet away from her hive, and flies up to 20' - 100' feet into the DCA.

Mates with 20-25 drones for gene diversity.

Mating flights averages 13 minutes.

She flies about 1 mile away to mate.

40% of queens are mated on their first flight.

Lays 2 days after successful mating flight.

The drones are sexually mature when they reach 10-12 days old.

Queens bees store 5-7 million spermatozoa for their lives.

Queens with less than 3 million spermatozoa are unable to head up colonies for more than one season.

Drones fly out to mate between 11 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

She arrives back at her hive with the mating sign of the last drone she mated with and the workers remove the drone's genitalia.

The queen decides whether to lay a fertilized egg by measuring the cell size with her front legs.


1. Only use enough smoke to calm your bees.
2. The queen is usually never found on combs of honey or nectar.
3. Look for frames with larvae and eggs. The queen is usually on these combs.
4. The queen is longer than workers and her thorax is more obvious.
5. Often there will be bare comb showing just behind the queen as she walk about.
6.  Since her abdomen is longer, her wings do not go all the way to the back of her abdomen.

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