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Our Most Complete Beekeeping Kit
2 Hives & Equipment Supplies

Celebrate the freedom we have in America, freedom to pursue our dreams. Perhaps keeping bees is part of your dream and your pursuit of happiness. Does not include bees.

1 Hive, & Equipment Supplies

Enjoy your liberty with this LIBERTY BEEKEEPING KIT, same as FREEDOM KIT but only has one hive. Does not include bees.

Hi, we are David and Sheri Burns. We are excited to help you start beekeeping. For many people, urban beekeeping is a lifelong dream. There was a time when it was very common for many rural homes to have a hive and raise bees as a way to provide pollination for gardens as well as a daily, natural sweetener.

Today beekeeping is making a strong comeback as the importance of the honey bee is becoming more known. 1 out of 3 bites of food is from the pollination of a honey bee.

Beekeeping is also therapeutic. It's enjoyable watching the bees go in and out of their hive to gather nectar. Most people enjoy nature, the smell of freshly cut grass and newly tilled soil and the sound of bees buzzing to pollinate our gardens and fruit trees.

Here at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, you're in good hands with us, as we have years of experience and you are working with an EAS certified master beekeeper. It is our hope that you'll enjoy doing business with a family business dedicated to putting the customer first. You'll find that we give our customers priority when they have beekeeping questions.

To help you get the most from beekeeping, please consider taking one of our beekeeping classes. We offer many classes, so click here to see a listing of classes we are offering now.

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