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Long Lane Honey Bee Farms

Beekeeping Videos

Beekeeping Videos

Extracting Honey

Winter is coming. Take a look at our Winter-Bee-Kind.

How to feed your bees during a nectar dearth or in the fall to prepare your bees for winter.

Wondering how to add extra wax to foundation. Watch and I'll demonstrate.

Watch how much adding extra wax to foundation can accelerate the bees drawing out the comb.

Watch our video to see how the bees communicate to the hive where the flowers are located.

If you need help on how to install a package of bees, watch our video now!


For help learning about the different hive pieces and how it all goes together, watch our video below:


Take a look at our most recent video on Wax Moths...

I shot this video in April of '09 showing how we shake bees in Florida. These are the packages that we shake and sell from our apiary here in Central Illinois.

It takes a committed team of workers who actually come from several states to converge together to get the job done. We wait until peak foraging hours, then some workers place queen excluders on the hives and smoke the young bees up into a super. Older bees are out foraging. Plus, the queen excluder holds down drones and the queens.

Other workers carry the prepared super over to the shaking funnel. A worker shakes the bees out of the super. Another worker carries the empty super back to its hive. Another worker sits below the funnel and operates a valve allow just the right amount of bees to slide into the package, around 3lbs of bees which is between 10,000 - 12,000 bees. The package already has been prepared with a queen cage inside.

The package is then passed to another worker who places a candy can and lid on the package. Another worker staples on the lid and hands off the package to another worker who loads it onto the pallett.

Our candy boards are being used throughout the US by our customers and are doing an amazing job keeping hives feed during late winter. Nutrition is extremely important prior to spring arriving.

Our candy boards contain 5 pounds of sugar and are carefully prepared with a special technique which allows the candy boards to be shipped.

Typically, candy boards will last around 1 month during the winter months. Simply place on the top of the hive above the cluster with the candy facing down. Even in the winter the hive can be opened briefly to place the candy board in position. To order a candy board click here.

During the month of March, beekeepers will suffer their greatest casualties. As the queen begins to lay more, the hive demands more pollen and honey. But, before the nectar flow is strong, the hive can starve out and perish. This is where the candy boards can save your hives! When your hive is completely out of food, placing candy boards on the hive can save your bees. Don't wait until it is too late.




Here at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms we love producing queens. In this video I'll demonstrate how to find the queen, pick her up and mark her.

I'll also show how to place the queen in a shipping cage with several attendants.

We offer queen rearing classes on a regular basis where we will teach you how to raise your own queens, queens you can simply use for your own hives, or you might want to sell to other beekeepers.

In this video, you can also see the temperment of the bees we sell. Here I am working the hive without a hat or veil. I do not recommend this, but I know my bees.

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