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Bee Hive

Completely Assembled & Painted Hives,
Startup Kits, Freedom Kits, Liberty Kits, Independence Kits, Pioneer Kits and Swarm Catcher Kits

Package of Bees

2013 PACKAGES & Queens
3 lb Packages w/ queen

Beekeeping Classes

Basic Beekeeping
Advance Beekeeping
Queen Rearing
Natural, Sustainable & Organic Beekeeping

Candy Boards


Candy Boards, Winter-BEE-Kind, Entrance Feeders, Frame Feeders, Top Feeders, Honey-B-Healthy, Pollen Patties

Honey Extraction

Extractors, Refractometers, Bee Escapes, Scratchers, Filters, Uncapping Knives

8 Frame Hives

8 Frame Equipment
We now offer hive kits, hives and individual
hive components in 8 Frame.

Complete Assembled Hives
Complete hives
8 Frame or 10 Frame hives
Hive Kits
Starter Hives

Queen Rearing


5 Frame Nuc, California Mini Cages, Queen Mansions, Grafting Tools, Wide Base Cell Cups

Beekeeping Supplies

Hive Tools, Smokers, Beetle Traps, Equipment Kits, Smoker Fuel

Beekeeping Equipment


10 Frame Slatted Racks, Bee Escapes, Metal & Plastic Queen Excluders, Inner Covers, Screen Bottom Boards, Upper Winter Spacers, Winter Feeders

Beekeeping Suits


Hats, Veils, Gloves, Jackets & Suits

Beekeeping Gifts

Gifts & Apparel
We now offer specialty beekeeping gifts such as key chains, candles and unique t-shirts and denim shirts.

Beekeeping Frames


Green Drone Comb (Mite Traps), Medium Frames w/plasic foundation, Super Frames w/plastic foundation

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It's best to start with two hives or why to start with two hives rather than one.

Learn How To Install A Package Of Bees...Read More or Watch My Video On Installing A Package

We also produce beekeeping podcasts, remove bees from homes, sell honey and speak regularly on beekeeping. We also produce regular beekeeping lessons and articles through our beekeeping blog. Our blog is found at:

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Healthy Bees: Why Do Bees Die?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a beekeeper. To us, beekeeping is one of the most enjoyable hobby/businesses ever. We believe you will enjoy it as well. We want to share some basic information about how to keep healthy bees.

Royal Beekeeping Hive KitTake Our Beekeeping Class.
We are offering beginners, advance and queen rearing classes.
Click here for more information. During our classes we teach you the 4 methods to combat varroa mites without the use of chemicals. You'll learn important management skills that will make you a better beekeeper.

The truth is that many hives die due to poorly trained beekeepers. So many beekeeping mistakes can easily be avoided.

Let me give a couple of avoidable bee losses.

1. Winter Losses can be minimized with the right queen, varroa reduction and strong colonies with sufficient pollen and honey resources. So often a colony dies because the beekeeper did not monitor the health of the queen and she either did not lay well, die and was not replaced or the queen was replaced too late in the year to build up the needed overwinter population. Or, a colony can die because the beekeeper failed to reduce the mite population. Every beekeeper should implement our 4 IPM approach to reduce mites.

2. Winter feeding can be the lifesaving factor in getting your hive through the winter. Since winter is cold, traditional entrance feeders and top feeders will freeze. That's why we invented the Winter-Bee-Kind. This is a piece of equipment that is placed on top of the cluster, providing top insulation to reduce excessive condensation and sugar, pollen and honey-b-healthy as well as an upper vent.

3. Keep colonies healthy all year. Regular inspections will help the beekeeper take the necessary steps to strengthen a hive. Sometimes maybe the hive just needs fed for a week or a pollen patty. Maybe the colony is too crowded and needs frames managed to reduce a potential swarm. Maybe the queen needs replaced so that the colony can grow and build up. Strong colonies fight off most problems.

Remember, not all colony deaths are preventable. Sometimes it is beyond our control. Bees are in the animal kingdom and they die from viruses, diseases and environmental issues that we have little control over. We have to do our part, though, to eliminate as many potential threats to our honey bees.

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3 lb package of bees

3 Pound Package of Bees (approx 10,000) with Italian Queen. PICKUP at our Facility ONLY!!

DATE: APRIL 13, 2013


Click here for more information on our package bees for 2013

Come Join Us In Our New Beekeeping Educational Center For Our Next Beekeeping Class. Click Here For More Information.

Beekeeping HiveHoney Bees

The Royal Hive Beekeeping Kit WITH BEES!!

This is for shipping only. If you want to pick up hive and bees, see Traveler's Kit (next box to the right)

(Bees not available to be shipped to CA, WA, AZ, UT, NV, OR, ID, MT)

3 lb package with marked Italian queen. Plus a standard complete hive which includes 2 deeps, 1 honey super, screen bottom board, telescoping top cover, entrance cleat, 30 frames and and foundation, FULLY ASSEMBLED & PAINTED, feeder included, queen excluder included.

Bees ship UPS OVERNIGHT May 1 or 2, 2013.

Wooden hives ships 7-14 days after order is placed. Bees ship first week in May. Others who have bought this item have also bought one of these:

Equipment Kit #1 MORE INFO or
Equipment Kit #2  MORE INFO

If you are new to beekeeping, check out our FREE online beekeeping lessons and our video on how to install your bees.

Click here for more information on our package bees for 2013


Click Here For More Information on our beekeeping classes at our honey bee farm.

Complete Bee Hive Traveler's Kit Traveler's


This kit is for pickup only at our honey bee farm in Illinois. 1 completely assembled and painted beekeeping hive, with queen and 3 lb package.

1 Screen bottom board
2 Deep hive bodies with frames and foundation
1 Medium super body with frames and foundation
1 Inner cover
1 telescoping top cover with painted
aluminum covering.

1 3lb package with queen.


Click here for more information on our package bees for 2013

Join certified master beekeeper David Burns at our next beekeeping class at our new educational center. Click here.

Expanded Beekeeping

(Bees Not Included)

2 completely assembled
and painted beekeeping

 Beekeeping Expanded Hive Kit


2 Screen bottom board
4 Deep hive bodies with frames and foundation
2 Medium super body with frames and foundation
2 Inner cover
2 telescoping top cover with painted
aluminum covering.


Click here for more information on our package bees for 2013

We offer hands on beekeeping classes at our new education center at our honey bee farms. Click here to sign up now!