Healthy Bees: Why Do Bees Die?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a beekeeper. To us, beekeeping is one of the most enjoyable hobby/businesses ever. We believe you will enjoy it as well. We want to share some basic information about how to keep healthy bees.

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The truth is that many hives die due to poorly trained beekeepers. So many beekeeping mistakes can easily be avoided.

Let me give a couple of avoidable bee losses.

1. Winter Losses can be minimized with the right queen, varroa reduction and strong colonies with sufficient pollen and honey resources. So often a colony dies because the beekeeper did not monitor the health of the queen and she either did not lay well, die and was not replaced or the queen was replaced too late in the year to build up the needed overwinter population. Or, a colony can die because the beekeeper failed to reduce the mite population. Every beekeeper should implement our 4 IPM approach to reduce mites.

2. Winter feeding can be the lifesaving factor in getting your hive through the winter. Since winter is cold, traditional entrance feeders and top feeders will freeze. That's why we invented the Winter-Bee-Kind. This is a piece of equipment that is placed on top of the cluster, providing top insulation to reduce excessive condensation and sugar, pollen and honey-b-healthy as well as an upper vent.

3. Keep colonies healthy all year. Regular inspections will help the beekeeper take the necessary steps to strengthen a hive. Sometimes maybe the hive just needs fed for a week or a pollen patty. Maybe the colony is too crowded and needs frames managed to reduce a potential swarm. Maybe the queen needs replaced so that the colony can grow and build up. Strong colonies fight off most problems.

Remember, not all colony deaths are preventable. Sometimes it is beyond our control. Bees are in the animal kingdom and they die from viruses, diseases and environmental issues that we have little control over. We have to do our part, though, to eliminate as many potential threats to our honey bees.

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What Do Your Bees Do In The Winter? They eat and try to stay warm just like we do. Here's a video to help your bees along in the winter.