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Completely Assembled and Painted Hives,
Startup Kits, Freedom Kits, Liberty Kits, Independence Kits, Pioneer Kits and Swarm Catcher Kits

PACKAGE And Queens
3 lb Packages w/ queen

Basic Beekeeping
Advance Beekeeping
Queen Rearing
Natural, Sustainable and Organic Beekeeping


Winter-BEE-Kind, Entrance Feeders, Frame Feeders, Top Feeders, Honey-B-Healthy, Pollen Patties

Extractors, Refractometers, Bee Escapes, Scratchers, Filters, Uncapping Knives

8 Frame Equipment
We now offer hive kits, hives and individual
hive components in 8 Frame.

Complete hives
8 Frame or 10 Frame hives
Hive Kits
Starter Hives


5 Frame Nuc, California Mini Cages, Queen Mansions, Grafting Tools, Wide Base Cell Cups

Hive Tools, Smokers, Beetle Traps, Equipment Kits, Smoker Fuel


10 Frame Slatted Racks, Bee Escapes, Queen Excluders, Inner Covers, Screen Bottom Boards, Upper Winter Spacers, Winter Feeders


Hats, Veils, Gloves, Jackets and Suits

Gifts and Apparel
We now offer specialty beekeeping gifts such as key chains, candles and unique t-shirts and denim shirts.


Green Drone Comb (Mite Traps), Medium Frames w/plastic foundation, Super Frames w/plastic foundation

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It's best to start with two hives or why to start with two hives rather than one.

Learn How To Install A Package Of Bees...Read More or Watch My Video On Installing A Package

We also produce beekeeping podcasts, remove bees from homes, sell honey and speak regularly on beekeeping. We also produce regular beekeeping lessons and articles through our beekeeping blog. Our blog is found at:

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Online Beekeeping Supplies

Sheri and David BurnsBeekeeping Supplies

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To help you understand beekeeping equipment, here is an example of our online beekeeping lesson one: " But before we place our bottom board, we have to consider location, the direction the hive faces and how much to elevate the hive off the moist ground. I like to use wood pallets that I can obtain free from local factories. Usually one pallet is enough, but sometimes I'll place two pallets on top of each other to elevate the hive around 5-6" off the ground. Then, I place my bottom board on the pallet. Pallets work well, but so do concrete blocks or any structure that will elevate the hive off the ground. You want the hive elevated for two reasons. Your back! and moisture. Bottom boards do draw moisture and so will be the first item to deteriorate over time. So, the drier they stay the longer they will last. Plus, it also means less moisture in the hive. Elevating the hive makes it easier on your back. But, do remember that eventually...READ MORE.