Used Beehives

Used Bee Hives

Some diseases can be spread and contaminate beekeeping equipment. This can result in you being ordered by the state to kill your bees and burn all of your beekeeping equipment if your bees contract American foulbrood. When it comes to used beekeeping equipment there is money to be saved but potential problems that could cost you more. Since honey bees can have many health issues, several  diseases can find their way into old comb and old equipment. American foulbrood is the one that concerns us the most. These spores can live in unused equipment for 40+ years. Washing, bleaching or airing them out will not kill these deadly spores. Why take the risk. Used equipment means your colony could contract something and die. 

It is always good practice to start with new, clean and fresh equipment. Give your new bees the best start you can. If you need new equipment, check out our hives made here in Illinois by clicking here.