Help Save The Honey Bee

Help Save Honey Bees

Spread The Word To Help Save The Honey Bee In 2019

Hello from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. For over a decade my wife and I have introduced and trained hundreds of new beekeepers and countless thousands of others through our online beekeeping lessons and videos. Since this is our passion it has been very rewarding.

The challenge to protect our nation's honey bee is never ending. Without our honey bees the healthy foods that we enjoy will not be pollinated and we will be without these vital fruits and vegetables. Sheri and I are not giving up. In fact, we are ramping up our efforts every year.

Here is how you can make a difference:

1) Start keeping bees. This will help increase colonies in the US. We have only 1/2 of the number of colonies that we had just after WWII in 1946.

2) You can encourage others to keep honey bees. So many people want to keep bees, but they do not know how to get started. You can send them to our special webpage link to those who may be interested in getting started in beekeeping.

3) You can stop using dangerous (to bees) pesticides on your gardens, flowers, fruit trees and crops.

4) You can plant and grow more wildflowers native to your area. Why spend the fuel to keep acres and acres mowed? Why not provide food for honey bees by letting wild flowers grow.

I appreciate the fact that many of you reading this are beekeepers. Good for you. But think of the impact you can have by encouraging others to keep bees as well. Think of the impact you can have if you can convince your neighbors and area farmers not to cut down every wildflower.

Last summer, well known bee expert, Marla Spivak, gave a compelling talk about why bees are disappearing and how important our honey bees are. I encourage you to watch the video of her talk and share it with others.

Get Started In Beekeeping! You Can Do It!