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Long Lane Honey Bee Farms

Complete Liberty Kit WITH A PACKAGE OF BEES (Bees must be picked up at our location in the spring) Free shipping of hive and equipment.


Complete Liberty Kit WITH A PACKAGE OF BEES (Bees must be picked up at our location in the spring) Free shipping of hive and equipment.


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-Helpful Hint: It is useful to order hive kits and equipment at least 5 - 6 weeks before you expect your bees to arrive to leave plenty of time for shipping and the possibility of the need to reship any damaged items. 


Included in this LIBERTY KIT is, 1 Complete Hive plus supplies. 1 -3 lb package of bees with a mated queen.  (Bees must be picked up at our location in Fairmount, IL, see below for more information).   Look at all that is included in this special offer.

This is a huge savings, our way of inviting others to take the plunge and do something good for our environment as well enjoyable a fun hobby. And, wouldn't it be nice to have your own honey to enjoy or sell? The hives are fully assembled and coated with 2 coats of exterior high quality latex paint.

In our LIBERTY KIT you will receive:
One complete hive. This hive includes the following:
1 Screen bottom board with entrance cleat. 
1 Entrance feeder
2 Deep Hive Bodies. This is the area where the bees live. Each deep hive body comes complete with 10 wooden frames with full 3/8 side bars, and are glued and stapled. Plus each frame is already assembled with plastic beeswax coated foundation. This is a total of 20 deep hive body frames.
1 Medium Honey Super. This is where the bees store their excess honey that you can remove. This super comes with 10 wooden frames, glued and stapled, fully assembled with plastic beeswax coated foundation.
1 Inner cover. This goes on top of the boxes, but beneath the final top cover. This high-quality inner cover allows for upper ventilation and a vapor barrier.
1 Telescoping Top Cover. This is the final top cover with nice white metal to help protect it from the weather and keeps that nice white look without rusting.
1 Cloth Hat and Veil combo.
1 Hive tool.
1 Smoker
1 Queen Excluder, used to keep the queen from entering into the upper super.

These hives are built right here in Central Illinois. We are a small American business with an EAS certified Master Beekeeper to help answer your questions.


Package Bee Information - Please read thoroughly before purchase. 

3 lb package of bees with mated queen. Italian. Limited Quantity.  PICK UP AT OUR TRAINING CENTER IN FAIRMOUNT IL ONLY (we are 25 miles east of Champaign-Urbana, 2 and1/2 hours south of Chicago, 1 and 1/2 hours west of Indianapolis).  We do not ship bees. Pick up tentatively 4/27/19.  These date is subject to change.  This date has changed in years past.  YOU are responsible for knowing this date.

Within a week after your purchase of your packages, you will receive a letter via email with detailed information. Please provide a valid email when purchasing your bees and read your email.  Check your spam folder if you do not receive your email after a week.

 ** THIS DATE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE**.4/27/19  While we will do everything to keep you informed of changes to the pick up date, it is your responsibility to put the dates on your calendar and to check before coming to pick up your bees to be sure they are in and ready to go.  Beginning April 1, we keep our phone lines and website updated with current information on dates. This is the only weekend bees will be available for pick up.  

Our guarantee is that you will receive 3 lbs of honey bees with a live, mated queen.  After you leave our location, we can no longer control the care of the bees, therefore it is your responsibility to keep them as healthy and happy as we have. We can not guarantee your queen's acceptance by the hive. Absconding does happen in 5 - 10% of all package bees in the US. We give several suggestions on how to reduce absconding when installing packages in our beekeeping classes.

We suggest getting all your equipment and hives PRIOR to bee pick up day. We would appreciate it so much if you would purchases your hives from us--that's what keeps us in business and being able to supply bees.  Getting your hives prior to bees arriving allows you to understand the equipment, try out that smoker,  prepare your hive location, to load your feeders, and spray your frames with sugar water. You can order your hives online to be shipped to your location, or give us a call to place an order for pick up. 217-427-2678. We suggest you do this no later than March 20.

We also highly suggest a beekeeping class or join our mentorship program.  Because we depend so much on honeybees in our ecological systems today, and because the bees now deal with issues that were not problems up to 20 years ago, it's important that you know what you're doing, how to inspect hives, deal with pests and diseases, proper feeding, and winter maintenance.   

Please watch for the email letter and read it thoroughly to understand all policies. Pick up will be at our training center located at our office at 14556 N 1020 East Rd., Fairmount IL 61841. Please follow these directions (some GPS units do not work for our location). From I-74, take the Oakwood Exit 206. Go south into town, to first stop sign in Catlin. Go straight a few miles south of Oakwood to the next 2-way stop sign (Catlin-Homer Rd). Turn left onto Catlin-Homer Rd., going down two country roads to 1020 East. Turn left, go down another 1/4 mile until you see our sign.


    OUR HIVE STORY: When we first started making hives at LONG LANE HONEY BEE FARMS around 2006, it was just our family.  We would cut the boards, build the hives, and paint them. Our three youngest children helped us, and sometimes we would sit for hours in our workshop with the wood burner going, a pot of soup on top of it, and just build and paint for hours at a time.  The years have passed, and the children are grown, and so we found an Amish beekeeping family who helps us now.  Built by cabinet makers by trade, these hives are high quality, with wood manufactured and milled here in the US, built by master craftsmen, right here in Illinois. These hives are workhorses and will outlast your lifetime.

    Everyone tells us these are the best quality hives, and we have many repeat customers.  Yes, you may be able buy it cheaper somewhere else--but ask yourself this first: 1.  Do I have to assemble it myself?  2.  Do I have the added cost of buying a gallon of paint and then painting it too? 3.  Does it come with the frames and foundation I need?  3.  Is it high quality or will it fall apart or buckle in a year?  4.  Will I get customer service from this place for my beekeeping equipment and beekeeping questions & issues? 


If you have any questions, ask or give us a call or email: 217-427-2678/ Check our homepage for our seasonal farm hours.

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