Beekeeping Institute

At Long Lane Honey Bee Farms In Central Illinois

Long Lane Honey Bee Farms Beekeeping Institute was offered twice this year and both times were very successful! Our institute is sold out for 2019. We'll try again for 2021!

The Beekeeping Institute is a three day opportunity to learn everything about honey bees. A Basic Beekeeping class is a prerequisite to this 3 day Beekeeping Institute. We accept any other beekeeping class you've attended elsewhere or here. This will be our 4th year to offer this institute.

Do not be intimidated if you are brand new to beekeeping. We will walk you through each session and make you an expert! Our institute is honored by some municipalities that require beekeepers to complete courses.

During this three day beekeeping institute we will cover in depth teachings on pests and diseases. We will study the major pest and diseases and how to identify, prevent and treat these challenges. We will spend time thorough going over best seasonal management practices such as when and how to make splits, prevent swarms, break the brood cycle to reduce mites, how to maximize honey production, how to prepare a hive for winter etc. We will teach on queen rearing taking you through the entire process of raising queens. Another fun part of this institute is the field work. Students will pair up and actually inspect hives (after being trained) and become comfortable managing frames. In the field students will learn how to perform a nosema field test, mite tests, install small hive beetle traps, mite traps and more. You'll learn how to find your queen, how to mark queens, and how to catch a live swarm. Additional field fun will take place if the weather allows. David will have several bee experts assisting him during this institute.

"I love the institute week. I enjoy the interaction between students. We all become good friends and enjoy learning about bees together. You have me at your disposal for 3 days to pick my brain. Come join me"--David Burns

Come join us and we'll take you through three days of training that will help you leave as an expert. Our Basic Beekeeping class is a prerequisite to this 3 day Beekeeping Institute. (We offer a Basic Beekeeping class the day before this institute). Prior to the class, you will receive a letter via email with detailed information. Please read thoroughly to know what to bring. We will hold the class at our education center located at our office at 14556 N 1020 East Rd., Fairmount IL 61841. Please follow these directions (some GPS units do not work for our location). Off I-74, take the Oakwood Exit 206. Go south into town, to 2nd stop sign (Catlin-Homer Rd). Turn left onto Catlin-Homer Rd., going down two country roads to 1020 East. Turn left, go down another 1/4 mile until you see our signs. If you need hotel information, we suggest either the Best Western in Danville (217-431-0020) Holiday Inn at 217-442-2500 or our own Sleepy Creek Vineyard at 217-733-0330 (only about 2 miles away). Please bring protective gear as we will be in the beeyard if the weather allows and time permits.


Mailing Address: Long Lane Honey Bee Farms


14556 N. 1020 E. Rd
Fairmount, IL 61841

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