Beekeeping Education

Beekeeping Education

Having a fundamental education in beekeeping is vital to be a successful beekeeper. A lack of knowledge and education is the reason so many new beekeepers are giving up out of frustration. Some YouTube videos, books or classes make beekeeping seem so easy and simple. Many beekeepers are not properly informed about the challenges and management tools needed to keep bees alive. 

Every week we are contacted by beekeepers who tried keeping bees without taking a class only to have their colonies perish. Taking a beekeeping class is vital to arming yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to know how keep bees properly.

Here are several reasons why taking a beekeeping class is so helpful:

1. Your New Bees Deserve The Best

You might think of bees as just a bug, but they are more. A colony is a single organism that needs cared for and managed correctly just like a cat or dog. Bees are in the animal kingdom and any animal can become sick and need your help. If you are not properly educated you really aren't aware of how sick your bees might be. You can take your cat or dog to the veterinarian, but you can't take your hive to the vet. You need to educate yourself so you can identify early warning signs indicating your bees need your help. A class will help you identify these signs and what appropriate actions to take.

2. Saves You From Being Embarrassed & Frustrated

Let's be honest. It is embarrassing and frustrating when our bees die and we don't know why. Bees face so many more diseases and pests than they did 30 years ago. If you aren't aware of the new paradigm in beekeeping your hives will likely succumb to these new challenges leaving you disappointed. A thorough beekeeping education saves you the frustration and embarrassment and equips you for success. 

3. Saves You Money

Some beekeepers keep making the same mistakes year after year. Every year their bees die and they buy new packages.  The mistakes they are making are so simple not to make, but they do not have a clue because they do not have the knowledge and education to see what they are doing wrong. Every year, they spend more money to replace dying colonies. Invest in a course and enjoy keeping your bees alive and save money in the long run.

4. Builds Your Confidence

When our bees die we lose our confidence. We feel stupid, like we don't know what we are doing wrong. We thought we had it all figured out. When you take a class, your new found knowledge and skill gives you the confidence you need to tackle anything you need to do for your bees. You have confidence to perform a mite test, and take the necessary management practices based on your test results. You have the education to inspect your hive and know what you are seeing.

5. Makes Your Dreams A Reality

We all have dreams but turning our dreams in to a reality takes commitment and hard work. We are mislead to think that bees can take care of themselves. We are led to believe we can buy a hive from Amazon, buy bees at the local farm store when the truck shows up and all will be well. Let's face it, it's hard to grow an apple tree or to have a perfect garden. By taking a class from certified master beekeepers, you increase your awareness and move with more passion toward fulfilling your dream of being a successful beekeeper.

6. Increases Effective Pollination in Your Area

We need honey bees to pollinate our orchards and gardens. The healthy foods we all enjoy are usually pollinated by a honey bee. Just one or two hives in our yard can not only benefit our own fruits and vegetables, but the crops of others within a 3 mile radius of our hives. We are rewarded by delicious honey from our own area, which some claim can help with their allergies. 

You can take classes at our training center here in central Illinois or online, from the comfort of your home. 

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