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Long Lane Honey Bee Farms

Bee Classes

Beekeeping Classes

Taking a beekeeping class is essential for today's beekeeper. Our classes for 2017 are already filling up.  Maybe you have always wanted to keep honey bees.  Know what you are doing before you jump in. Our beekeeping classes are taught by EAS Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns. Be well informed before you start keeping bees by enrolling in one of our beekeeping classes. Our beekeeping classes for 2017 are listed below.

If you cannot travel and take one of our classes, try this:  New beekeepers are failing to implement best management practices. I want to be your mentor. I am currently accepting positions to mentor a limited number of beekeepers. You'll have access to my personal cell phone and private email. And you can send me videos or pictures of your hive when it just doesn't seem right or you don't know what's going on. You'll also receive 4 new instructional videos from me and a weekly tip of what you should be doing. Click here to see if spots are still available.

Many other organizations and club classes are closed. However, we continue to add more classes to our schedule to accommodate the growing interest in beekeeping.  Come by and take a class and while you are here you can purchase your hives and equipment and save shipping if you call ahead.


Feb 2017

      18   Beginner's Class, Sat. Feb. 18, 2017 (1PM-6PM Central Time) A Big Success

      25   Beginner's Class Sat. Feb. 25, 2017 (1pm-6pm Central Time) Sold Out

Mar 2017

        4   Spring Management Class Sat. Mar 4, 2017 (9am-1pm Central Time)
             - Sold Out

       11  Beginner's Class Sat. Mar 11, 2017  (1pm-6pm Central Time)

             - Sold Out

       17  Spring Management Class Fri. Mar 17, 2017 (9am-1pm Central Time)
             - Sold Out

       18  Beginner's Class Sat. March 18th at Heartland Community College in
             Bloomington, Illinois

       25  Beginner's Class Sat. Mar 25, 2017 (1pm-6pm Central Time)

             4 Spots Open

Apr 2017

       1    Beginner's Class Sat. Apr.  1, 2017 (8am-1pm Central Time)
       7    Beginner's Class Fri. Apr.  7, 2017 (8am-1pm Central Time)

May 2017

     27  Day in the Apiary Workshop. 1 day class from 8:30am-11am Central time

June 2017

       8  Beginner's Class Thu. Jun 8, 2017  (1pm-6pm Central Time)

            SUN. JUNE 11, 2017 (1 - 3 PM)

     17  Day in the Apiary Workshop. 1 day class from 8:30am-11am Central time

     23  Queen rearing course Fri., June 23 from  9am-3pm SOLD OUT

July 2017

      8   Day in the Apiary Workshop. 1 day class from 8:30am-11am Central time

Aug 2017

     18  Overwintering Workshop Friday, August 18, 2017 from 1pm-6pm Central Time.

Oct 2017

     14  Beginner's Class, Sat. Oct. 14, 2017 (1PM-6PM Central Time)

            WORKSHOP OCT 21, 2017 (1PM - 3PM)


 If you did not make it to our classes on how to get your bees through the winter, we have placed most of the content of this class in a small ebook available on Amazon or here on our website. 

David has spent years keeping bees, producing queens, making up packages of bees, crop pollination, removing bees from homes, speaking and writing about bees. Give David a call if you have any questions about our beekeeping classes.

With such a strong interest in beekeeping, you'll want to be sure and sign up early for our beekeeping classes. You'll learn about basic hive equipment, how to inspect a bee hive, how to avoid most stings, how to extract honey, how to find the queen, how to identify honey bee diseases and pests, seasonal management techniques, the 4 non-chemical ways to reduce varroa mites and much more.


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Long Lane Honey Bee Farms
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