6Months Mentoring Club Subscription

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It's harder than ever to get someone to help you with your beekeeping problems, or answer questions about your bees.

David has designed this service to help anyone get the facts and information you need to feel confident with your bees, to insure the health of your hive, to understand the latest science, and to pick through the muck out there to get the latest and most concise facts to help you.

You can call, text, or email him with your questions.  You can also send videos and pictures for evaluation.  David will send out occasional fact sheets (but won't clog up your inbox too much.)

There is no app, there are no phone trees, there is no one else you have to go through to get to him but a straight connection to David. 

This is for a 6 month subscription, that will automatically expire and not renew at the end of the 6 months.  If you choose to go month by month, that option is available for purchase as well.  Cancel at anytime by shooting an email to longlanehoneybees@gmail.com. 

David will personally contact you within 24 hours after signing up via email with his contact information, Mon - Fri.